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#157 DarienLight Pants (Black)

DarienLight Pants #157

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Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
Sorry about the delivery delay this summer (2013). The reasons were due to making some changes in the sewing area to help insure high quality and good service. Delivery times are now getting back to normal. These pants should either be in stock now, or will normally ship from new production within a week to ten days. -Customer Service. (Posted on 9/17/13)
Poor Quality Control Review by hansong
Having used a Darien jacket and pants for the past 10 years I decided to try Darien Light pants.

Placed the order; received the order; fly zipper not joined at the bottom, so back they go for repair.

Called to ask when to expect them back: five to six weeks. What the Hell? Oh, they're new, eh? Well, how about two weeks? You're not happy with that schedule? What's wrong with you?

The Aerostich approach to correcting their error is a little leisurely for my tastes. Ordering riding gear from Aerostich in summertime seems to be a crap shoot. I can only hope there aren't any other problems with the pants I didn't notice on first inspection. (Posted on 7/30/13)
Great Fall - Winter - Spring pant Review by Richard
I purchased the Darien Light pants to wear on days when the temp is 50 or below. I wear insulating layers underneath depending on the temperatures. On the few rides I have done thus far, I am impressed with the quality of the ergonomic fit and the warmth. The armor in the knees is much appreciated extra insulation. The Gore-Tex fabric lets the moisture out and I have stayed completely dry - and warm. Not a wet feeling warm that is possible with non breathing fabrics. (Posted on 11/15/12)
DarienLight Pants Review by Joel
I live in the Northwest, and DarienLight Pants are perfect for this damp and cool climate. On rare days when it does go above 80F (hot here means low humidity), they are still comfortable with jeans underneath. On wet days, they have proven to be completely waterproof. I wear these on my commute to work, about 25 miles round trip.

These pants are quality made, are waterproof and comfortable. I fully recommend.

I’m 5 foot, 11 inches tall, and normally wear 32-34 waist jeans (e.g. Gap jeans: 32-32 Loose). I ordered the 34 Long, Black, and they fit perfectly.
(Posted on 6/24/12)
Great Gear Review by Cranberry
Aerostich is a pleasure to deal with. I have 2 pair of darien light pants that I carry one in each bike. They are the best wet weather pants I have ever had and I have had many. They are comfortable and not hot so you do not sweat your ass off in the hot summer rains. Great on cool days to keep the chill off. Most of all very easy to get on and off. Try them you will like them if you do much riding you won't leave home with out them. (Posted on 5/8/12)
My new leggings Review by Kurt
I feel like my mom dressed me. When I walk they swish like the wind and everyone can hear me coming.. They might be a little short because when I sit on the bike, they ride up a little too much. The jury is still out! (Posted on 12/16/11)
Medium Review by edo
I am 6'-0", 165lb, 34" waist. These Medium pants have enough adjustments in the waist to make them smaller for a nice fit over skinny underwear.. The crotch is a little low in relation to the waist and binds the top of my thighs when I lift my leg over the seat. Picky? Maybe. They are light , don't flop around at speed and fold up to a small bundle. Since they are Aerostitch, they perform beautifully and are very well made with top quality material. The best there is. (Posted on 9/8/11)
Bicycle Butt approved Review by ducatirdr
I have a hard time finding pants that fit my bicycle racing lower body. Most Euro-fit riding gear is made for little girlie man legs. Ha ha. My waist is a 34 but my thighs and butt need more space. The Darien Lights fit perfect even over my dress pants. My nearly hour long commute today in temps approaching the high 80's had me comfortable but I wouldn't want to experiment with stop and go traffic with those temps.

Last weekend they got a test of how water proof they are and passed the test. The only negative is that for being "Light" they feel heavy and stiff. I can't imagine what the regular pants first feel like. I'm happy with this purchase and recommend them to anyone. (Posted on 8/18/11)
Great pants, just not for me. Review by Captain Stewart
EVERYTHING at Aerostitch is great quality in design and materials. My problem: the cordura material slides around on my stock BMW seat. Maybe a waxed cotton Darien Light pants would go well with the Falstaff jacket and not be as slippery?
Aerostitch accepted my return with no problems. I do not mind paying shipping to shop for those things that become special tools for my motorcycling. The arbor pants were keepers! (Posted on 8/12/11)
Perfect Protection Review by Paul
I spent 14,000 miles in my Darien pants this summer, and there are only two things I would change. First, I'd make them with a diamond gusset in the crotch, because after a while every motorcycle seat starts scooting you forward, and a gusseted crotch would offer a little more room in a sensitive area. Secondly, I probably will get a pair of gray Dariens when these wear out, because the black is hot on a sunny day.
Like I said in my review of the Darien jacket, the single-layer Gore-Tex construction makes these pants as cool as they can get. I tried a pair of "vented" pants with a nylon lining holding the protective pads in place, and they were so hot I couldn't stand them. The Darien pants may not be airy-cool, but they are the best protection you can get in Gore-Tex pants, and they kept me dry in some horrific thunderstorms. I might put on something else on a day trip, but for serious long distance riding, these are the pants to wear. (Posted on 10/6/10)

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Lightweight Gear: General Protection Considerations

Naturally, you want any crash outcome with as little injury as possible. If your garment is destroyed in the process, fine. Like a spent car airbag or crumplable auto-body sacrifices itself. Many experienced riders feel it's better to have something lighter and more comfortably everyday-wearable, even if it means replacing or repairing the garment after experiencing a significant incident.

Aerostich lightweight gear is intended to provide ‘just enough’ for whatever kind of accident scenario can be reasonably foreseen. So there’s a double-layer seat on all suits and pants, and two layers everywhere else one might apply higher abrasion pressure during a spill. Beneath the elbow/shoulder/knee areas there’s also a curved plastic shell over the energy-absorbing impact material. All ‘light’ Aerostich gear also contain a hidden layer of tougher 500D Cordura, located just behind each armor section.

Still, ‘Lights’ are best for moderate speeds. Personally I am ok with them to about 65 mph, rationalizing I’d probably hit the pavement at less because of braking prior to crashing. For riders who spend a fair amount of time at 70 mph and above, which means a lot of freeway time, we still like 500D Cordura garments better. But also note we’ve received many reports about good outcomes after higher-speed crashes in 'Lights'…and zero reports they performed worse than expected. –Mr. Subjective, 2014

Photo by Sasha Leland Photo by Sasha Leland Photo by Sasha Leland

Photos by Sasha Leland. Read more of his story at

Which Pants? Darien vs. AD1 vs. Utility...Regular vs. Light

AD1 pants fit me a little better than Darien pants. Their rise is less, so the waistband rides a little lower, and it’s slightly curved, which I also like better. The AD1’s included belt is a 1.5" Aerostich money belt, versus the stronger 1.5" side-release-buckled belt on the Darien pants. And compared to the Darien pant the AD1’s knees are ‘bent’ a couple of degrees more, which is nice for bikes with a little more rear-positioned footrests. The radius of this bend is a little bigger, too, so there is a bit more space for knee pads. Darien pants fit and feel a lot like Khaki's or regular pants and AD1's fit and feel a little more like jeans.

See the comparison...

Up to about 70ºf I wear my AD1 Lights over regular jeans or khaki pants. When it’s warmer they go over Aerostich cotton riding shorts…which we sew right here, too. The new Utility Pants fit like the AD1's, and have all the function, protection and styling of those, but without the full-length side-zips, belt, or reflective on the leg adjustment tabs. You can slip them on and wear them all day, whether logging hundreds of miles or just riding across town to run errands. Remove the TF3 kneepads and these super-tough pants are practical as everyday off-bike wear, too.

– Mr. Subjective


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