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#157 DarienLight Pants (Black)

DarienLight Pants #157

19 Review(s)

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Almost perfect Review by WyoJoe
Used these on a recent 1000 mile plus trip and they delivered as advertised. Temps on the trip ranged from the low 40s in the Snowies and Sierra Madres and hi 80s crossing the Great Divide Basin. In addition, they I stayed dry and comfortable in the several showers that I ecountered. One complaint is the lack of heat shielding (even as an option,) brief contact with exhaust melted completely through the fabric -- a significant oversight given that hot engines and exhaust are often found on motorcycles! Over all a good but flawed product...YMMV (Posted on 7/7/10)
Not bad Review by Erik Hoover
I picked up a pair this Spring to match my Falstaff jacket as a replacement for my 1-pc Roadcrafter. They're much more comfortable than the RC and the increased temperature range is as advertised. They keep the wet out and held up remarkably well in a recent low-speed wipeout too.

My only complaints are about the fit -which is okay, but not quite right. I have a 30" inseam and yet needed to get longs in order for the knee armor to be in the proper place. A coworker had a similar problem when he got his Dariens too. I suspect that the AD1s have better fit but the fact that they're made overseas and aren't available in the lightweight Cordura turned me off.

Lightweight AD1s made here in MN, please! (Posted on 7/2/10)
no hot shield Review by easyrider
My Darien pants have been great except for one problem. Just below the right knee, my leg occasionally touches the hot air cleaner of the bike resulting in a melt through near hole. A heat shield patch would be a great addition. (Posted on 4/30/10)
my sentaments exactly Review by john but not forgotten
like all the other reviewers, i cant say anything bad about my D-lites, except,
does this body armour make me look fat? (Posted on 4/17/10)
Great all-weather, all-season pants Review by Jesse
I've been wearing my DarienLight pants for over a year and a half now. They are my standard gear for ALL my riding. (I commute daily on a motorcycle, and typically ride about 15k miles a year.)

I live in the northeast. I've been comfortable in the DL pants in temps as high as 100F, and down to 17F! In the hot weather, I'll throw them over shorts. In the cold, a regular pair of jeans is more than enough to keep my legs warm. The DL cut the wind effectively, obviating the need for electrically heated pants even in the coldest temps I encounter.

In terms of durability, the DL have held up great. Recently, one of the zipper handles broke and Aerostich mailed me a replacement, for FREE, with installation instructions. This is tough gear, backed by a company which thoroughly supports it, without question.

(Posted on 2/18/10)
Throw away the chaps Review by Happening Bob
These are the best pants by far. The fit is great , and don't feel like a plastic bag like the other rain suits. 10 rating (Posted on 11/13/09)
Worked Better Than Advertised Review by Keith
The big test with my khaki DarienLight suit was a summer tour from Louisiana to Colorado and back. I encountered two days of rain, broiling heat, and temperatures as low as the high 40s. The DarienLight outfit carried me through all of it comfortably and with little fuss. The pants fit just like jeans and the ventilation of the jacket is excellent...even behind a windshield. Highly recommended... (Posted on 9/24/09)
My wife and I have owned ... Review by Daddy T Danielson
My wife and I have owned our Darien Light pants for about 9 years now and they are very well made and comfortable. They are the best rain and windpants I've found in 37 years of motorcycle touring. Lightweight, compact, easy to get on and off and you don't bear a close resemblance to the Michelin man, especially with the pads out, as with many bulky foul weather items. We give the Darien Light pants an A+. (Posted on 9/8/08)
I very much like my Darie... Review by Larry Clapp
I very much like my DarienLight pants. They do present a storage problem when not worn. Pack up volume is high; will use up an entire saddle bag.

Still the best I have found, I prefer them over my leathers do to quick on and off and far more comfortable in hot weather riding. (Posted on 7/16/08)

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Lightweight Gear: General Protection Considerations

Naturally, you want any crash outcome with as little injury as possible. If your garment is destroyed in the process, fine. Like a spent car airbag or crumplable auto-body sacrifices itself. Many experienced riders feel it's better to have something lighter and more comfortably everyday-wearable, even if it means replacing or repairing the garment after experiencing a significant incident.

Aerostich lightweight gear is intended to provide ‘just enough’ for whatever kind of accident scenario can be reasonably foreseen. So there’s a double-layer seat on all suits and pants, and two layers everywhere else one might apply higher abrasion pressure during a spill. Beneath the elbow/shoulder/knee areas there’s also a curved plastic shell over the energy-absorbing impact material. All ‘light’ Aerostich gear also contain a hidden layer of tougher 500D Cordura, located just behind each armor section.

Still, ‘Lights’ are best for moderate speeds. Personally I am ok with them to about 65 mph, rationalizing I’d probably hit the pavement at less because of braking prior to crashing. For riders who spend a fair amount of time at 70 mph and above, which means a lot of freeway time, we still like 500D Cordura garments better. But also note we’ve received many reports about good outcomes after higher-speed crashes in 'Lights'…and zero reports they performed worse than expected. –Mr. Subjective, 2014

Photo by Sasha Leland Photo by Sasha Leland Photo by Sasha Leland

Photos by Sasha Leland. Read more of his story at

Which Pants? Darien vs. AD1 vs. Utility...Regular vs. Light

AD1 pants fit me a little better than Darien pants. Their rise is less, so the waistband rides a little lower, and it’s slightly curved, which I also like better. The AD1’s included belt is a 1.5" Aerostich money belt, versus the stronger 1.5" side-release-buckled belt on the Darien pants. And compared to the Darien pant the AD1’s knees are ‘bent’ a couple of degrees more, which is nice for bikes with a little more rear-positioned footrests. The radius of this bend is a little bigger, too, so there is a bit more space for knee pads. Darien pants fit and feel a lot like Khaki's or regular pants and AD1's fit and feel a little more like jeans.

See the comparison...

Up to about 70ºf I wear my AD1 Lights over regular jeans or khaki pants. When it’s warmer they go over Aerostich cotton riding shorts…which we sew right here, too. The new Utility Pants fit like the AD1's, and have all the function, protection and styling of those, but without the full-length side-zips, belt, or reflective on the leg adjustment tabs. You can slip them on and wear them all day, whether logging hundreds of miles or just riding across town to run errands. Remove the TF3 kneepads and these super-tough pants are practical as everyday off-bike wear, too.

– Mr. Subjective


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