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Aerostich TF3 Hip Pads #123-1053

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Customer Reviews

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Well made and comfortable Review by Peter
Great addition to my Darien pants. Hope I never had to try them out but they are well made and the curved version makes them very comfortable and fit will in the pants. (Posted on 10/14/14)
Aerostich TF3 Hip Pads Review by joe
these pads fit on my aerostich suit without a problem and give me a little more piece of mind when riding thank you (Posted on 11/30/12)
TF3 hip pads a good investment Review by Dukasaki
I'm in a one-piece Roadcrafter, size 44L (I'm 6'-2', 180 lbs). The TF3 (hard shell) hip pads arrived a month ago, and I installed them right away. They are a good choice. They make the hips a bit wider, but as the Roadcrafter isn't a suit one buys for the purpose of looking svelte, the change is hardly noticeable. In my case, recently I broke one of my femurs near the hip from a fall--while riding my bicycle, not my motorcycle (struck from behind by an evil driver of an SUV, felony hit-and-run)--so I am very motivated to give myself extra protection at the hips. They are comfortable, and have good flexibility.

There are three hook-and-loop attachment points--the top one attaching to the hook-and-loop point that comes sewn-in standard in the Roadcrafter liner, and the lower two attaching to the liner with the hook-and-loop's adhesive backing (these put in place by the user). Of course, these pads now block access to the pockets of my Levi's through the Roadcrafter's side zippers, but it's an easy compromise to adapt to this, by unzipping the front of the Roadcrafter and reaching across the chest (right hand to get into left pocket of my Levi's, for example).

For the moment, I've opted to go this route (reaching across the front) instead of trying to separate one of the hip pad's lower two attachment points each time I want to to get at the pocket of my Levi's (through the Roadcrafter's side zipper), as I'm wary of the hook-and-loop's adhesive starting to separate from the liner over time. It's not ideal, but this is a minor encumbrance for what I perceive as a great benefit in safety. A good investment, and well designed.

One change for the future I might suggest is that Aerostich add the lower two hip pad attachment points as standard for the Roadcrafter (sewn-in at the factory, just as the top point is already). (Posted on 5/15/12)
More than an afterthought Review by Thomas
I added a pair of TF3 hip pads to my Darien AD1 after this past winter's hip replacement surgery. With a $50k butt to protect, I thought it would be silly not to have the added protection. This past weekend, I went off-roading for the first time since my surgery and landed on my new hip twice: once at low speed and once a good bit harder. The pads did exactly what they are supposed to do and I'm stiff and sore today, but walking with no new pain. Thanks for a great, well-designed product.

I thought about the smaller, hard-shelled pads, but I'm glad I went for more coverage.

Thomas Day
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Magazine
http:// (Posted on 5/14/12)
Feeling of Safety Review by GR8BRIT
I added the TF3 hip pads to my Roadcrafter and from my point of view the feeling of extra safety and protection is well worth the price. You can feel the addition of the TF3 pads but the material gives more a feeling of cushioning rather than bulkiness. I'm narrow-of-hip so that no doubt helps, nevertheless, adjusting the waist straps would allow more room is you're differently shaped. Also, the material conforms to you and is pliable so never feels restricting. Hopefully I won't get to test the efficacy of the pads but I feel they'll help reduce impact in a fall. (Posted on 4/10/12)
Aerostich Hip Pads Review by Skip
Fit the suit great and offer more protection just in case... Get these and all of the TF3 pads with your suit. (Posted on 11/23/11)
CustomerService Review by customerservice
Hi there Mike.
If you look at the two long diagonal edges, there's some 'hook n loop' material, use the double sided sticky 'hook n loop' material to anchor these edges to the inside of your suit.
Any questions, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.
Customer Service. (Posted on 10/25/11)
Good protection but a bit floppy Review by Mike
These hip pads offer great protection in the one piece Roadcrafter suit. The only issue I have(and more of an issue with the Roadcrafter than these pads) is that they only connect to the Roadcrafter suit using the top strip of velcro. They can flop around when you are putting your suit on. I wish the Roadcrafter had pockets in the hips that these pads could be slid into. The pads themself offer great protection though. The chances of your hip hitting the pavement during an accident is highly likely. (Posted on 8/23/11)
Order one set! Review by William
Two pads per set. I ordered two sets by mistake. Definitely worth the price. (Posted on 6/9/10)

9 Item(s)

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Which Hip Impact Pad?

I use the smaller TF 5 hip pads (8 1/2"h x 6 1/4"w), with optional sleeves in my Roadcrafter one piece. They are the easiest to manipulate my hand around to get into my pants pockets. (To reach a wallet or whatever.) And of the two versions of the larger size TF3 pads (9 3/4"h x 10"w), the curved ones with the hard shells fit and function a little better -- but the flat ones are by far the best-seller. As far as protecting your hips from impacts they're all roughly similar, with the curved hard shell and TF5 models being slightly better. So if you want bigger and better, go with the curved hard shell model. For optimum street-pant access, the TF5 model. And for effective lower-cost protection, it's the flat ones.

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