#282 Windblocker Electric Vest

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Aerostich Kanetsu TLTec Wind Blocker Electric Vest

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adding warmthReview by Sunglow Sage
Ordered Large as that was in my chest size and was able to get into it; however, my belly was uncomfortable and I requested the XL which does allow for my extra belly size. Check your belly before just using your chest size! The vest unplugged along with my Harley nylon jacket as an outer layer is comfortable in the high 30s. Plugging in will get me below freezing temps and keep me riding. This vest zips higher on the neck and has an overlap flap behind the zipper which makes it a tad warmer than my reversible Harley vest. (Posted on 3/2/13)
11 Years and still going strongReview by kloakndagr
I bought this vest 11 years ago and it still rocks. I rode in 16 degree weather this week and with this vest I was warm. I like the fact you can roll the vest into itself and store it in the saddlebag. Save your money and dont bother with the thermostat, if your using the vest it's cold out and you really dont care to turn the temp down. Well worth the money. I've used it in 16 degree weather, rain, and snow. I'm very happy with this product. (Posted on 1/19/12)
Well made, does what it's advertised to doReview by Greg
Fit and finish are great. I got the zip on sleeves and they're just the right length. I have only had the jacket for a few weeks, but have put several hundred miles on it. I have ridden from 40 to 70 degrees, and it works well in that range. Below 40, I'll need to figure out a way to get the jacket closer to my body for extra warmth, like a snug over garment. It's convenient, because I don't have to wear so many layers to keep warm, just the electric vest and my regular riding jacket. (Posted on 11/27/11)
Didn't work for me.Review by Rustell
I have had two of these vest.Fit and finish is very good.Unfortunetly they did not work very well.The first vest lasted me a whole year..then it stopped heating.Aerostich repaired it and it worked for another year,then quit.Even tho it was out of warrenty Aerostich gave me a generious discount on a new vest.
The replacement vest lasted one season.I'm done..I got a different brand. (Posted on 3/9/11)
If You're Replacing an Older Aerostich Vest...Review by Dan S
My first Aerostich electric vest was a 1997 model "Unobtainium." It gave me a good ten years of toasty service in year-round riding in the Midwest. Good deal. Then it gave me another three years of lukewarm service (I think one of the two resistance wires in it failed, so it lost half its heat). Then it failed completely last Saturday (naturally, during a 320-mile trip in sub-freezing weather).

Today, I tried on my wife's Kanetsu vest, which we purchased last summer for a two-up trip to Colorado. It is, in theory, the same size as my old vest. But while the Unobtainium was snug-but-comfortable, the Kanetsu is too tight to allow breathing.

So, the warning: if you're replacing an old Unobtainium vest with a Kanetsu, don't be surprised if the new vest is too small.

Other than that, it's a great product. (Posted on 11/23/10)
Just buy it.Review by RL
This is as essential to your pack as anything for a trip. This is your warm gear. It stays on the bike. After the New England trip I was not the only one with this vest. The other four ordered within a week of getting home. Just buy it. (Posted on 2/10/10)
Packs Small-Very WarmReview by redmenace
I started looking for warmth on my cycle the way most do: heated grips, maybe heated seat. Those are the cold spots. I became convinced by reading on line that a heated "core" would solve those problems. It's true. With First Gear riding suit, cross-country trip, somewhere in Oklahoma in October, hypothermia started in. Main muscle groups were contracting involuntarily, hands were numb, couldn't think straight. Got out Kanetsu from saddle bag, put it on, kept on riding in the dark and the cold. Not only did my hands warm up, but I started getting toasty. The outside temperature kept on dropping, but I made 300 more miles. Without the jacket, I would have had to stop, get a hotel room, and wait for it to warm up. Mine has an SAE plug that goes straight into my battery charger pig-tail. I learned a lesson not to pack it and wait for it to get cold (I kept putting off a stop to get it out and get it plugged in), I took the liner out of my 3/4 riding jacket and now wear this under it all the time. Plugged in or not. The cord is great length, not too long (floppy), nor too short ( can get off bike and 1 step without jerking it). Front zipper is finnicky, hard to get lined up and started, but I may have one with a defect. For what it does, this is one of the best gear buys I ever made. I almost ride year round, and if I don't have this that doesn't happen. (Posted on 11/21/09)
Telephones, computers, mi...Review by Anthony DeAngelo
Telephones, computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, even the vastly overrated pre-sliced bread all pale in comparison to this vest. I'm not going to make any outrageous claims about the Kenetsu vest. It will just change your entire life for the better is all. Simply put, you NEED this vest. Never has such a simple purchase improved the quality of my life. You know how it is when someone keeps telling you that you have to see a movie, it's the best picture ever, and you resist and then finally go and damned if it's not the best movie ever? This is better than that. Better than the first day of summer vacation as a kid. Better than your first kiss. Heck, this vest rivals the pleasures of motorcycling itself. Combining the two is nearly too good. Imagine a beer that really DOES make you ten feet tall and bulletproof...and leaves you with no hangover. This is better than that. (Posted on 1/18/09)
Got to say that this is a...Review by Don Hamblin
Got to say that this is a very good vest. Is it warm? Yes! With the ability to "reverse" it you really can live without a thermostat (just enough heat for slightly cool days with the "green side in" - and enough for serious cold with the green side out. The thiner collar really does make a difference under your coat and helmet. There is no question that this vest was designed for the serious rider. (Posted on 12/10/08)
I bought this a couple of...Review by Anthony Melton
I bought this a couple of months ago and just now am using it regularly. So far its great, I have a 20 minute ride to work and the vest is warming up it the first blocks. I've worn it under my Joe rocket alter ego coat and have been comfy down to low 40s, Under a quilted leather jacket its' been good to hi 30s, it hasn't been colder here yet, but mid 30s is my cut off any way. I also highly recommend the sleeves, as they really help with layering, and the sizing tool was right on the money, I wish other online clothing had similar. (Posted on 11/3/08)

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