#267 Aerostich Kanetsu Electric Liner - WINDSTOPPER®

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Aerostich Kanetsu WINDSTOPPER Electric Liner

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Customer Reviews (3)

Great Riding Gear AdditionReview by Steve
I live in the Northwest east of the Cascades where we have 4 distinct seasons. I do not ride when temperatures are over 90 degrees because I ride with full protection all the time. However, I wanted to extend my riding season by starting in early spring and finishing in late fall. The Kanetsu Electric Liner was the answer. Today I had on a t-shirt, the liner, Darian pants, and a jacket made by another manufacturer. With a 40 degree start this morning I was comfortable all day long on my R1200R with no fairing. The liner fit well and was not confining. The button start on the wiring kit is simple and works well even with Aerostich Ropers I was wearing. Great products all. (Posted on 4/19/18)
Blocks wind/ Warm?Review by Devildog
I bought this jacket for winter riding in Oregon. I also like buying American made products when I can to support our economy. I ride F800 GS stock screen.(I know its not American) I am 5'11 220lbs. Broad shoulders. I ordered size 50. Fits shoulder area but, loose around torso. So far I have only tested the jacket at 34 ' and raining. I wear it under a waterproof shell from another manufacture. It does a great job of blocking the wind. Could only feel a little coolness around bicep area. When i turned it on I thought it would be warmer on high. It takes a little long to heat up. Could be from loose fit around mid section. I may look at getting this tailored. The connection in pocket is bulky and there are no plugins in sleeves for gloves. This was disappointing as the competitor jackets all offer these features. The craftsmanship is unmatched.(High quality) You could wear this jacket out to dinner by itself with no strange looks! Overall this a great jacket. (Posted on 11/2/12)
Works well, however...Review by Big Rich
I'm 6'6" and 300lb with a proportionate build. I ordered a 54. It is slightly short in the torso, so it rides up ever so slightly when standing and when seated on the bike is barely long enough. Would like another 1" or so of fabric along the bottom. Also the sleeves are barely long enough, just short of the cuffs of my jacket. That's it for Con's, slightly shorter people should not have any problems.

Now for the Pro's; It WORKS! Supplies a nice level of heat. On a big cruiser behind a windshield I'm able to ride to work comfortably at 35 degrees with my mesh jacket, the KEL, a long sleeve t-shirt and regular thermals under my riding pants or double front dungarees.

Also, because of the heat and the breathable fabric, the inside of the KEL isn't wet and clammy, like my original liner. The original liner trapped moisture like a garbage bag and when cold air hit the outside, the warm air inside condensed, leaving the liner positively dripping.

The KEL has replaced my original liner, my micro fleece and under armor compression layer, so while it is thicker than the stock liner, it is now less bulky overall. Plus it slips over street clothes without extra layers; perfect for commuting.

While the collar isn't micro fleece lined and gapes a bit, it does have a loop of heating wire inside that you really feel without it being uncomfortable. There are armpit vents which also help disperse moisture without letting in excessive cold air. The stitching and detail around the plethora of pockets is good. It looks like it will hold up well. There are glove pockets inside the bottom of the liner, then above them zippered pockets. There is a large back pocket that doubles as the storage pouch if you roll the jacket up. It could also hold a spare shirt or other soft items like dry socks or glove liners.

The jackets SAE plug is heavy-duty zip tied to a rubber diamond-shaped strap grommet, like the kind used on backpacks to spread the weight of the strap across the fabric. It is a little clunky and feels like there is something in my pocket at all times, but its a solid anchor and you won't be ripping the electrics out of the jacket if you forget to disconnect before you walk away.

Overall I'm pleased down to 35F. (Haven't tried it below that and not sure I want to ride when it's that cold.) All day riding at that temp or below and you might want to get the AirStopper. (Posted on 12/15/09)