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World's Thinnest Wallets - Executive

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SKU: 1988-1981-1982

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Love this wallet!Review by Alan
I had a traditional tri-fold wallet that was over an inch thick with cards, etc. It was literally giving me a pain in the rear. A friend turned me on to this Allett. I got the leather RFID version. All the contents from my old wallet are in this one and it's only about 3/8" thick. I can keep it in my rear pocket all day and don't notice it at all. A very good product - I wish I had gone to it years ago. (Posted on 3/25/17)
Executive walletReview by Eric
Nice wallet...high quality leather...it smells good.....it's all you need........ (Posted on 5/16/16)
Best Wallet EVERReview by Lance
I purchased the nylon version of this wallet first and wore it out in no time. The leather model is sturdy and is the best wallet I have ever owned. It keeps me from carrying more than I am tempted to and is so slim I hardly even notice I am carrying it. The perfect wallet. (Posted on 6/30/14)
Beat the Bulge!Review by Michael
This wallet is less than half the thickness of the one I carried previously for two basic reasons--thin but high quality materials and slightly larger dimensions that allow for flatter storage of cards. Only time will tell how well it holds up over the long haul, but my impression after the first few weeks is overwhelmingly positive. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Great!Review by Jim
This one replaced a previous that I purchased about 5 years ago, in that time I saw almost no wearing out/through, however some holes developed due to overfilling of card pockets and such. The nylon (ripstop) did work as advertised though and the holes only grew as the actual material wore away. 20 bucks every 5 years for a good wallet that is thin and lasts is no problem for me! (Posted on 11/11/13)
great thin walletReview by jiffyheart
This is the answer to my fat wallet woes. My first one didn't last forever (my wallets never do), but long enough that I felt good about getting my second one. I carry maybe 10 pieces of plastic and plenty of cash, no problem. If you can't fit it in here you probably don't need it anyway. (Posted on 10/14/13)
Good Find, Aerostich!Review by Floyd
One of the things I love about Aerostich is how it finds those hidden gems that make a practical difference for the rider. This wallet is the best I've ever owned - holds everything that was in my old wallet, but better made and about 1/3 as thick. It may be some sort of witchcraft. Additionally, the company that makes it is truly worthy of Aerostich. A family company putting out a quality product manufactured in the U.S. And it does so with strong labor and ecology practices. This wallet is everything that is right with Aerostich's selection of products. (Posted on 6/18/12)
Great Wallet!Review by kbikefan
Fantastic product! Holds everything I want and is still the thinnest I have ever had. Back pocket, front pocket, vest pocket, it fits all. Highly recommended. (Posted on 5/12/12)
wallet geekReview by gsmith
i have a thing for wallets. it has to be thin, hold enough plastic, and have ample space for any cash i carry around (which isn't too often). it's safe to say i have about six wallets at home--none of them just right. having purchased plenty of aerostitch products, i figured i'd buy the executive wallet. i've had it 3 weeks and it is my GO TO wallet. it is as thin as advertised (with 5 plastic cards and a bit of cash). i have to sometimes check my pocket to see if i am carrying it or not. and the leather is a nice touch, too. A+ on this baby.... (Posted on 5/4/12)
World's Thinnest WalletReview by pg
Fulfilled my hopes and needs. Thank you. Also a LOT cheaper than what looks like the same produce in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog!! (Posted on 3/15/12)

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