#1964 European Wallet

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World's Thinnest Wallets - European

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SKU: 1977-1964-1799

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Customer Reviews (7)

Recommended!Review by Hank
I spilled gas on my pants while fueling a scooter for a lady friend. (Full fill + tight seal = pressurized gas spewing everywhere!) In my rush to wash the pants soon thereafter, I forgot to remove my leather wallet and washed it...so I was in the market for a new one.

I ordered this from Aerostich (nylon version) and it has made a change in my life. Before, I carried every piece of plastic known to mankind, and the wallet was too large to sit on. I was constantly removing it and frequently misplacing it.

Because of the wallet size, I was forced to cut down on all the stuff I was carrying. I still have too many credit cards and such, but the wallet is so small and light I often forget to remove it from my pants. It cuts down on the misplacing a whole lot.

I've had this for about a year now and it is holding up fine, no stitching issues. I recommend this highly, if only to force yourself to get rid of all the stuff you have been carrying around! (Posted on 7/26/14)
Eeeuuu Thin LeatherReview by Whee B. Whinin
About 3 years old. Lost first card pocket @ <1yr.. Cut # of cards to 5 total and, I don't have any green money. Stiching intact except @ fold.
In fairness to the liner; looking at the cards; their edges are pretty sharp. I'll radius them and, push it a little further.
I like the wallet otherwise. (Posted on 4/7/12)
So cool!Review by Robert
I love this wallet. I did have to trim my insurance cards to get them to fit, but this thing takes up so little space in my bag now!! Love it! (Posted on 2/10/12)
2nd OneReview by robert
This is my second one I purchased in 5 years. The first one was great and to get 5 years out of it for such a good price was worth it. (Posted on 11/22/11)
Just DandyReview by Tom
Carry it in your front pocket, with just essential stuff. Much more secure and comfortable. I used it over a year and like it. I did have some edge stitching come loose, but fixed it (very carefully) with a match. (Nylon is tough, but melts easily!) Seems just fine. (Posted on 12/11/10)
Love it, but stitching is weaknessReview by Tom
I carry in front pocket, with only minimal contents (2 credit cards, drivers license, medical insurance card, etc). Ideal for me. Have carried it daily for almost a year. Edge stitching has frayed. I've CAREFULLY melted the loose thread with a match, and seems to be holding up fine. (Posted on 12/7/10)
Thought i had found perfectionReview by Chris
Have now had the rip stop version for under 3 months and the rip stop ripped - or the sewing came undone or what ever. IN any case cards started to fall out so am back wiht my old wallet. I will try a leather one and see if it works. while it worked it was great - thin. (Posted on 5/12/10)