Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

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Review after 5 yearsReview by Dr.Science
It's not a bad suit. I bought one in early 2007 because I had a big ride coming up, and it's now early 2012. In 5 years I've covered about 80K miles in this suit, much of it in cold and rain (I commute year-round), very little in hot weather. The fabric and sewing have held up quite well. I got it in hi-viz and that has faded quite a bit, but still does the job. The velcro deteriorated quite a bit in the first year but then mostly stabilized and has shown little further decline. The zippers, on the other hand, are crap. The sliders on both wrist zips came off in the first few months of wear. After about three years the vest pocket zipper failed. Last spring the main pants zip broke, but I managed to coax it along until the off season (July-August, when I can wear a light-duty suit) when I sent the suit in for replacement of the broken zips and the main zips. This cost about $200 and took 6 weeks and now, less than a year later, the main jacket zip has failed and the left pants pocket zip has failed. So I'll have future zipper replacements done locally. By the way, the new "waterproof" pants zips don't seem to be any improvement over the old ones. They work about as well, handling moderate rains comfortably but leaking in a deluge. In all fairness you probably don't want to ride in a rain heavy and prolonged enough to make this suit leak. Will I buy another Aerostich suit when this one falls apart? Don't know. It may last longer than me. (Posted on 3/31/12)
Why'd I wait so long?Review by Joe
I received my Roadcrafter two piece a few weeks ago and have worn it everyday commuting to work. This thing is ideal for this purpose. I don't have to consider what I wear to work, slacks or blue jeans, makes no difference, it's all covered up and when I get to work, no bugs on my clothes. I've been commuting on rainy days that would have had me driving my cage in the past. The hi-viz truly is eye catching. I have a black KLR and a Silver Concours, both colors blend into the background, but not this suit. I'm looking forward to my first trip wearing the suit next month. (Posted on 3/28/12)
Aerostich 2 Piece Tips Review by 177in70s
Aerostich 2 Piece Tips 15+ years, 100K miles, wife picked Blk on Blk , white helmet on 85 K100RS BMW near Phila:
Wash & treat for water resistance more than once per decade; EZPass in short sock held high inside top of right zipped chest pocket with safety pins, credit cards for gas and whistle in lower portion; Waterproof Gzone Boulder cell phone in outer top velcro pocket, wallet goes in inside top pocket; bought smaller winter kneepads so slightly swollen bent knee doesn’t get constricted and sore during long rides.
I like small new Stich backpad, waist zipper lost some teeth, bought another waist zipper, zipped it to first one, sewed shut the side with missing teeth, use the other zipper and gained a little “height” like a cheap ellipse. At the end of a warm day, I do a dozen things to get suit ready for a cold sunrise start:
snug pant legs bottoms, zip waist pocket slots, close both sides of waist zipper, tighten kidney velcro straps, close pit zips, snug cuff velcro, during the day I loosen these as the day warms up. Prior to hard rain, Held Goretex gloves on, gauntlet inside sleeve with glove wrist strap snug and attached to the Stich sleeve Velcro underneath the suit’s wrist strap. This keeps gauntlet up inside sleeve. Comfortable from 25 to 80 deg. F in sun or 85 in shade. K bike likes Stich pants even when hotter to keep away heat. It fits with backpad in either rear “system case.” Electric Vest goes close to my body, optional fleece goes over vest. My kids call it my Darth Vader or Robocop suit. I think of it as insurance should I hit a deer and wear it a lot with the top at least partially zipped to the bottom. Glad it keeps on fitting me. Glad I bought it. (Posted on 12/11/11)
$937.00?Review by darmah
Always a little pricey but I may have to go elsewhere to replace mine two piece Roadcrafter. I do like the suit for all weather riding. I now have 350k on my 4 year old. Replaced all the zippers (most pull tabs broke off) last summer. Water proofing weak now even after 2 part wash and sealant treatments several times a year. The velcro Oops, hook and loop stink. They started doing partial releases with only 20k or so and have since been aided with snap fasteners on the jacket pockets. And yes I constantly remove any fuzz or hairballs in the loops. All around great piece, but HIGH entry price now. Jeez (Posted on 11/11/11)
best gear for the northwestReview by Enn
Besides having one of the best riding gears ,aerostich also has the the best customer service .Thanks
(Posted on 10/13/11)
Best suit, 20 years running....Review by Steve
I bought the Roadcrafter 2 piece suit nearly 20 years ago. I've had many other riding suits, leather & textile but this continues to be hands-down the best by far. I use the jacket only for daily commuting and the full suit for 4 day trips through the Adirondacks & Vermont, where you're likely to hit every kind of weather variation. This suit even rode through 2 weeks in Tibet back in 2000 (including a 60mph lowside on a gravel road!) and is still going strong w/out a repair. The only caveat I've ever read was that water could seep through in places? I have to say, I've been in torrential downpours more than once and stayed bone dry! Just use the wash-in waterproofing stuff & silicone spray once a year. Buy this suit. (Posted on 9/22/11)
Excellence from the NorthReview by KBduluth
The Roadcrafter 2 piece suit is very comfortable while riding. I wish the jacket were a couple inches longer, but overall when it is zipped together it works great. A windproof fleece underneath makes the jacket versatile to 40 degrees or so. I don't have a heated vest, but I imagine with the electric vest and other accessories it would make the RC suit perfect for any type of cold or wet weather riding. I agree with other reviewers in that the neck closure could have a better design. It is always flapping loose.

Overall, I would never have any riding gear other than Aerostich! (Posted on 2/15/11)
Great suit makes riding easierReview by Alan
I have had my two piece suit for over 5 years now. I commute with the suit on as well as recreational road trips. I'd say the suit has put in well over a 100,000 miles on it and still is in perfect nick. It is simple, has everything I need. I have travelled all over the US, Australia and New Zealand in my suit. I have slept on the side of the road in it. Did I say it is easy and comfortable? I'd recmmend the suit to any rider who is serious about protection and everyday usefullness. Enjoy! (Posted on 1/7/11)
Very satisfied withn this reliable old friendReview by Philibeic
Bought my two-piece in grey with silver ballistics in 1997. I ride every day, all year round. In the current rolling year I have ridden 21,000 miles, 16,000 of which were professional, govt. dept. riding, and the rest pleasure. Well, it's all a pleasure, especially if you're being paid to ride a motorcycle.... The suit is definitely waterproof, despite what is mentioned in some of these reviews. I live and work in Wales where it rains all the time, horizontally. I have worn it from 06:30 Sat to 19:30 Sunday during a competitive event in non-stop rain and it got a little damp on my breastbone by the second morning, that was all. It's best on a faired bike, as my work bikes are, as you would expect, but my own bike is an 1150 GS Adventure, and I don't get wet on that either. I wash and proof it with Nikwax products about every four months. I like the fact that I can ride 200 miles to a meeting then step out of the suit in seconds wearing office clothes underneath. Over the years I've bought and used other non-Aerostich gear, much of which has not been waterproof, and so I keep returning to this old faithful. It is now looking rather worn in places, a bit like its owner, but that gives it streed cred, and hopefully also its owner. I am just about to buy a new one, to present a smarter appearance for professional purposes, and will get black trousers, a hi-viz jacket and another jacket in a plain colour. Don't see many of these in the UK, but have twice arrived at the head of a traffic queue to find a fellow rider 'stich-clad and exclaiming pleasure with the product. (Posted on 10/29/10)
Roadcrafter Two-piece ups the anteReview by Michael
Thoroughly satisfied with my long-term one-piece Roadcrafter, I decided to order the Roadcrafter jacket only to wear in hotter weather with jeans. It became another favorite piece of riding apparel along-side my one piece suit. My wife surprised me on a birthday with the pants and explained how impressed she was with the service when she ordered them. The grey fabric had changed since I purchased the jacket and the sales person suggested that she order black pants with the new grey ballistic. I like the two-color combination and the difference in the grey between jacket and pants ballistics is barely noticeable. Interestingly, I now rarely wear the jacket without the pants and recently ordered the bib conversion for additional flexibility. A truly outstanding product! (Posted on 9/19/10)

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