Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

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A product that lastsReview by J.M.
I just returned from a ten day motorcycle trip on the Alaska Highway to Anchorage where we encountered heavy rain, sleet, a little hail and some snow. Most days the temperature ranged from 35 to 55, with a few afternoons in the low 60s.

I wore my faded, red, 20 year old, two piece, Roadcrafter suit and nearly as old Kanetsu Electric Vest.

When the weather changed the rest of the group had to stop to put on rain gear and then stop to take it off. When it got too cold they stopped to put on rain gear to cut the cold. I certainly was not a a fashion statement, but when things got bad I just kept on riding and if it was too cold I just reached down and turned on the vest, cozy. As a side benefit I think that the faded suit might have lent some credibility to my experience. I have replaced the armor at least once for a margin of safety.

I am sure that my story is not unique; I just wanted to reinforce your adherence to a standard of function over style.

Today I am returning the pants for a zipper repair in the hopes that I can get at least another eight years of riding out of it. Then when I am 80 I will probably consider a new one.

Thank you for a product that lasts.

J.M. (Posted on 6/28/17)
best suit all aroundReview by ENNESSIE
had my Roadcrafter two piece Suit ,for the past 10 + years. Best suit you can ask for the rainy northwest weather
only problem I have is the zipper on the arms tend to breakdown quicker than any zipper .I think I am on my second pair at the momemt
But most of all the customer servcie ,by far is the best (Posted on 12/18/15)
The Gold StandardReview by Rich
I've had my Roadcrafter 2-piece for over 20 years now. It has had some crash damage repairs, and has had some waste gussets installed due to my >ahem< middle age spread. I've ridden in the snow in the North Cascades, in Phoenix in July, in South Florida in September, and it has kept me cool, warm, dry, and safe. I have had other jackets and pants, but none come close to the versatility, comfort and ease of use of the Roadcrafter. It's obvious which ones were "designed in paper" rather than designed by riders. The 'Stich is designed by riders. There has been some internet criticism of price, and all I can say is what other gear lasts 20 years? There has been some criticism of the venting, but in the end the 'Stich's vents flat work, are easy to use, and except for the back vent, can be opened and closed while on the run. Try that with other brands. The back vent can stay open pretty much all the time, even in the rain, provided you do it right and have the two zippers meet in the middle instead of one end. And a riding suit is no good if it is a pain to get on and off. Annual washing and application of water-proofing spray means no rain suit taking up pannier space. If you ride a lot, in all kinds of weather, in all kinds of traffic, the Roadcrafter truly is the Gold Standard. (Posted on 7/25/15)
Roadcrafter 2 PieceReview by Linda
I am a year round commuter living in WV, and firm believer of "ATGATT" (all the gear all the time). My husband and I were vacationing in MN this spring and stopped in the showroom in Duluth so I could look and try on the Roadcrafter Classic 2 piece. Lydia and Mitch were absolutely wonderful in helping me find just the right size. After about an hour I found the right fit/size and my husband picked out the best color combinations, our order was placed and I was satisfied with my purchase. In about 2 1/2 weeks my new suite arrived via Fed EX. After unpacking the box and trying my new gear on I was even more pleased with the quality and fit. I have only ridden about 100 miles so far, have had rain and 90 degrees, granted it is only June and the big test will be January and February, but so far I am happier with this suit than I was with any of my other gear that I have used. Well worth the price and so glad we stopped in Duluth. I am anticipating this suit will last me the rest of my riding life. Wonderfully hand made in USA and you can tell it didn't fall off an assembly line of machines. They definitely take pride in their work, and Lydia really knew her stuff when she and Mitch were assisting me. (Posted on 6/17/15)
Universal suitReview by Jean-Michel
In my quest for the universal suit I heard about the Transit suit, it sounded good, so I took my bike and drove from Montreal to Duluth to try it, It was way to warm, when I finished putting it on in the shop I was dripping with sweat. The lady at Aerostich suggested the two piece Roadcrafter, she did not promised perfect waterproofness but "almost". I bought the suit.I rode in pooring rain for 5 1/2 hours, and my crotch got wet. A bit disapointing. After some trial and errors I finally found a way to make that suit waterproof. I seamgrip the stiches and apply some 303 (fabric water repellent). I' m just back from a 10 000K trip to Yukon and Alaska, I rode in rain for days and stayed perfectly dry! (Not the case for my two companions...futur clients!) All I need to ride now, from 0C to 40C, in sunshine, rain or snow, is my suit, an heated vest with heated sleeves and colar and a cooling vest. My quest is over! (Posted on 7/21/14)
The suit that does it allReview by Lorin
I picked up a hi-viz two piece suit in June of 2001. That evening I took my daughter to dinner. Walking up to the truck she looked through the tinted back window to where it was sitting on the seat and said " you aren't going to wear that are you?" I said " You saw it on a dark night through a tinted window. You bet I'm gong to wear it." Two weeks later I rode from Minneapolis to the artic circle north of Fairbanks. In 8200 miles I was not wet, cold or hot. I have used the UV protector on it and the color is still bright. It is also still very waterproof. In extremely hot weather I wear a cooling vest under it with the pits and back vents open and the sleeves loose. It is cooler that way than a t-shirt and a lot safer (Posted on 10/11/13)
Not good in the rainReview by tom
I purchased my two piece in October. First the good (so far). The suit is easy to put on and take off and I have a suit now that can deal with all elements of weather. Before, I use to cary several different pants and jackets. I also like the protection. Something, I never really rode with in the past.
Now the bad. My work commute is 17 miles one way. I finally was able to test it a month ago in a heavy rain and the suit leaked in the crotch. I reviewed the instructions that come with it and applied Seamgrip around the area where it appeared to be leaking. Today, I rode home in another downpour. Sure enough, it leaked like a siv after 15 miles. Right through my pants underneath to my skin. The only thing I can think is that when you are seated, the water willl come in through the zipper area. So, if it does this after 15 miles what will it do after 100 mile ride in a heavy rain? Like I said, good for light rain. Not good for heavy. I'm not sure if there is a suit out there that is 100% waterproof but for the amount I paid for this suit. I would expect it to be close. And I was wearing cheap rain suits before that never did that. Looks like I'll have to get some rain pants to wear under this suit. Would not recommend purchasing again. (Posted on 1/18/13)
Great suitReview by John
When I purchased the two piece, I thought the jacket was too big. I called up a buddy of mine that had a roadcrafter suit, and asked him to come over and check it out. When he came over he told me to put a fleece over top of my tshirt, then get on the motorcycle. Well after i did that it fit as it should have, perfect. Riding in cold weather, your going to have to layer up, it's good to have a little extra room for layers. Also I have noticed that with a little extra room when it is hot outside and I have the pit zips and back zipper open, I am nice and cool when riding down the road.

I really enjoy the convienience of the zipper system to get in and out of this suit.

Last weekend I did a short trip about 180 miles through the mountains and the desert. The weather was warm in the mountains and hot in the desert on the way there. I had all the vents open through the desert and stayed relatively cool. On the way back from the trip it was cold and rainy. I threw on an extra layer stayed warm and dry the whole ride home.

I spent a lot of time contemplating this suit. I am glad I finally made the decision to buy it. I made the right decision. Looking forward to putting many years and many miles on this suit. (Posted on 10/28/12)
Like Riding With An Old Good FriendReview by Rich
Two weeks ago I rembarked on my first real bike trip since tangleing with a deer at 65 mph 10 years prior. No, I wasn't wearing my Stich at the time. Emotions were strong and I admit to being a bit nervous. I knew it was going to be hot, and debated on wearing my Brand X cool-looking jacket and jeans, versus digging out my 16 year old Roadcrafter two-piece. I am so glad I chose wisely. It really was like riding with an old trusted friend. Even in 100+ degree heat. Us veteran Stich owners know a few tricks about making the suit have "air conditioning," and I arrived at my buddy's house in Phoenix, AZ, at three in the afternoon, in July, while wearing the whole suit. Yes, people stared. Daily afternoon t-storms in Colorado were of course no problem, and even the soaking I received on the last 150 miles from home in Seattle caused no grief. This suit has been back to Duluth twice for crash repair and ....uhh....alterations, and looks a bit faded, but as I said, it's like riding with an old friend. I even found a $10 bill in one of the pockets! Best motorcycle investment I ever made. Those that say the suit is too hot just don't know how to deal with it. Besides, it's not as hot as skin grafts and casts. Trust me on that. (Posted on 7/21/12)
Aerostich Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
All repair and refurbishment work done last year on your Roadcrafter is covered by a two year guarantee on materials and workmanship. Please send your suit back to us and the zipper(s) and Velcro that failed will be replaced at no charge. Please include a note about the items that we should look at, inside the package. Sorry for the problems you have experienced.
- Aerostich customer service (Posted on 4/2/12)

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