Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

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Another long-time userReview by Rob
I've had my blue 'stich for 11 years, it's really served me well. I had a spill a couple years ago and sent the suit in for repairs, got a new right arm and right leg. The damage wasn't bad but I guess that's the best way to bring the suit back up to snuff. The cost was very reasonable. The turn-around time was really quick as well. You can tell the suit was repaired only by the fading on the arms, but the blue is pretty fade resistant. I wash and waterproof twice per year, and yes, I get the crotch leak. Only for really heavy or extended rain storms though. My pads are starting to break down a bit I noticed on the spring wash.
One benefit of the two-piece that nobody has mentioned is the ability to add venting by unzipping the lower portion of the jacket while riding (two way zipper). Also good for heavy lunches. Can't do that with the one-piece.
I warn people now that if they tour with me they'll end up buying a 'stich. I think I'm up to seven converts now. (Posted on 9/3/10)
Excellent ProductReview by Brian
My wife and I have owned our two piece Roadcrafter suits for seven years. Although they have not been crash tested, there is no doubt that they would perform almost as good as a pair of race leathers. The qualify of the construction is excellent. And it is easy to remove the protection for washing. In heavy rain, there is no need to pull over and put on a rain suit; these suits keep the water out! They are warm in 100 degree weather; but much cooler than leathers. They include zippers to increase ventilation. Excellent product at a reasonable price. (Posted on 8/20/10)
Why would you buy anything else?Review by Melman
Where to start? The suit is not waterproof. Having said that I have to say that I have logged many hours in torrential downpours at speed and remained reasonable dry. I bought my 2 piece in 1995 and have worn it religiously for about 300,000 kms. (200,000 miles) If the weather looks like it will be getting really ugly I will put on my rain gear, but on shorter rides, (2 or 3 hours) I won't bother. Most of the rain will get through the lap zippers, but it takes a long time to get really wet. When I first put the suit on I felt like I was in a cocoon, very protected and after 15 years it still feels the same. I have had all the major zippers replace, some twice and the service from Aerostich has been exemplary. This isn't really a complaint but I think there are too many pockets. It takes quite a while to get into a routine as to where you have put stuff. The velcro closures on the other hand are a constant issue in that they require frequent replacement, this is not a major problem, just an irritant as the velcro fills up with threads and fluff and whatever and becomes ineffective. I have only been down at low speed (25 mph) with absolutely no signs of abrasion. High heat at slow speeds are an issue with any riding gear and I'll take the Roadcrafter over leather anyday. The venting is very effective as long as you are moving. The reality is that there is cooler gear out there but it does not afford the protection or the features that the stich offers. My stich is badly fade and fairly well grundged out and looking very long in the tooth. I have researched various other products and found that some have good attributes, but nothing that would change my mind about buying another Stich. PS: They are not expensive. $1000 Cdn for 15 years seems pretty cheap to me. Ride Safe and Secure and Long!! (Posted on 5/28/10)
There Is No Other Like ItReview by Paul S.
The reason why you do not see more reviews is eeryone is out riding and has no time to comment. Let me just say I have riden on the street & track. Long distance short distance, the two peice suit has far exceeded my every need. Use the jacket only in the summer, change the patch colors, upgrade you pads, what ever! After 10 years I have the same suit and it still looks great. Great customer service too. When you think about safety and how long they last it's worth the $90 a year for me so far... (Posted on 4/30/10)
Still Happy After 13 YearsReview by Dan S.
I bought my black two-piece in the spring of 1997. Since then it's accumulated a lot of miles--how many, I'm not certain, but when black fabric fades noticeably, it's a lot of 'em.

In general it's held up well. True, most of the zipper pulls have fallen off, but paper clips or key rings replace them easily enough. The fabric's getting a bit frayed in places, and the Ultrasuede collar's looking a bit sad, but otherwise the material's holding up well.

I've found the suit to be waterproof, to the point where I don't even own a conventional rainsuit--provided I remember to give it a once-a-year treatment with the "TX Direct" DWR stuff. One rain-related peculiarity I've found, though: if you've got a US-style sidecar (mounted on the right), you may find the bow wave of the hack lifting the rain flap on the RC jacket and forcing water in.

One of the problems I have faced is that because the suit's so durable (and expensive), I've had to find a way to deal with my inevitable weight gain. Here's the trick I used: sew a second zipper-half on the end of the rain flap. This will zip to the matching half of the existing zipper, and give an extra 1.5 inches of gut room. And no, it doesn't seem to compromise watertightness.

The suit is perfect for touring, especially on a sporty bike with limited cargo space. I often take off with only shorts and t-shirts in the saddlebags, and just wear the suit over 'em when I'm riding. And when I get to a hiking trail, a few seconds to get the suit off and I'm properly dressed for a walk in the woods--something you just can't do with jeans and leather jackets!

I'll cheerfully confess that I haven't crash-tested the suit, and don't plan to. In all fairness, I didn't buy the suit for crash protection, though that's a nice bonus. It's just a really convenient thing to wear while riding. (Posted on 2/21/10)
I love this riding suit!Review by BK
I have had this suit for 16 years now, and absolutely love it! It is very comfortable, does everything. It is so easy to put on, there is never an excuse for not wearing it even on short trips. For touring, it is great; lots of pockets, good ventilation. I don't have to carry a jacket; if it is cool, I can unzip the jacket and wear it while not riding. Waterproof, pockets where you want them, great protection, and after 16 years obviously very durable; very hard to beat. I purchased a Darien suit a while back, and hardly ever wear it; I like this suit much better. I'll be getting another Aerostich when this one finally gets hung up for the last time. (Posted on 9/21/09)
Great Suit but 2-piece is not a flexible as you may thinkReview by Patrick
I bought the two-piece but if I had it to do over again I might get a Darien instead.

First off these are great suits and very durable, the two piece can come in handy it just depends on how you use it.

If you plan to constantly be zipping and unzipping the jacket and pants together you may be disappointed, it isn't that simple as lining everything up and getting it to zip takes time. It does work well for some situations, for istance if you are commuting everyday you can zip it together and take it all off at once, then when you go on a pleasure ride you can unzip the pants and jacket so you can just take off the jacket as needed.

The other comment I will make is that it is not just as easy as the one-piece when zipped together, there are two separate zippers one for pants and one for jacket. Whereas the one-piece just has one zipper that goes all the way from top to bottom. So not quite as easy but pretty close.

If you really need a two-piece and don't expect to need to zip it all together very often I would recommend going with the Darien. If you are rather uncommon size like me, large shoulders but smaller waist, the Roadcrafter when zipped together will fit a little strange due to the larger jacket zipper not quite matching the smaller waist one... looks like I am pregnant. (Posted on 9/11/09)

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