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Transit Two Piece Suit


Transit Two Piece Suit #248-259

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haroos Review by Sally
This is cool! (Posted on 3/27/12)
Transit suit in tropics Review by Mike
I bought the Transit suit a year and a half ago. I live and ride in Malaysia, where the temperature is 88 to 92 degrees, Fahrenheit, everyday. 60% humidity, and monsoon rains, six months a year. I have had a Roadcrafter for five years and love it. When I wanted more abrasion protection, for longer rides and track days, i got the Transit. I love it, not hot at all when on the road and moving. Very dry in the rain, and comfortable. Wouldn't wear it, commuting around town, but great on toll roads and up through the mountains. (Posted on 3/8/12)
Great suit that could be improved Review by Neil
I own a 'stich and also the Transit. The'stich is my go to suit for 60-75 degree weather because it is so easy to get into and out of -- and is comfortable. I've used the Transit for bad weather and for long tours as I think it offers more protection, is also comfortable, and so far has really been water proof.

The Transit jacket is just plain difficult to zip to the pants. The zipper is really hard to reach to start it on its way and the zipper tends to stick a lot whether trying to zip it together or going the other way and trying to un zip it. I think work needs to be done to improve the zipper and I certainly wish the zipper weren't so far back there where is it hard to reach and hard to see. Why not have a longer zipper that starts and ends in front of the hips guys?

Compared to the Roadcrafter, the pockets on the Transit are just plain poor. They are small -- can't fit much in them -- and they have some kind of fleece lining -- which makes them really stupidly hard to use with wet hands.

It would be nice if some kind of venting could be built into the jacket that would not spoil the waterproof goodness of the suit. A little venting would really help on hot days.

Having said all that, the suit is really comfortable (except for hot days of course) to wear and I think offers really superior protection. Which is why I use it for touring and for more challenging rides when an unintended separation from the bike is a bit more likely. (Posted on 11/21/11)
transit good, skin graft bad Review by evolbastard
Thank you for making products that stand up to the heavy abuse of the road... another series of scuffs on the transit suit and another helmet shot. Slid down the road feet first, 100ft. plus, in the rain with the new bike chasing me over the crown, across the vacant oncoming lane, to the shoulder of the greasy road. Moving slowly, but nothing broken (not counting the shattered plastic littering the countryside, strewn like a smeared deer down the rural highway) and still gratefull that the back pad did its job, took the blow and my already crippled arse was able to walk away. over 30K miles on the transit now, slightly less waterproof than when it was new, but consider that I have yet to do anything to it but beat the living hell out of it (and it shows) it has done well. Thank you again, from Ithaca, NY. (Posted on 10/27/11)
Amazing suit Review by Geoff
Just finished 12 days in Argentina, Chile & Peru and wore the suit everyday. Crossing the Andes in freezing temperatures and 60 to 70 mph winds, I though life would be hell. All I had on was thermal underwear under the pants and a thermal top plus a sweatshirt on top and had no problem with the cold, even after 6 hours. It's amazingly comfortable in almost all weather. Granted, in 85 degrees and sitting at a cafe, yes, it's hot but how often does that happen. I doubt I would ever wear jeans under the pants as it would be too bulky and uncomfortable. The rain never came so can't comment on that but in every other respect, it was worth the cost. (Posted on 10/25/11)
Transit Suit suits Review by Ron
I have ridden for many years, encased in a Darien suit, but after 100K or more, it has become somewhat grubby and worn, so I opted for the new Aerostich Transit Suit. So far I have only ridden it for five or six thousand miles, and it has not been subjected to a test of prolonged rain. It held the water very well in an Arizona T-storm that dropped buckets for about 15 minutes, and also during an hour of so of medium rain in central Ohio, so I cannot vouch for its rain-repellent abilities in a long soaking rain, but I LOVE this suit.
It fits well, and is comfortable in MOST conditions. In the Arizona 100 Plus degree heat, it is certainly not "comfortable," but what is? Nothing, but nothing feels cool when the ambient is 110 degrees. I am pleased with this suit, and do not think it a great deal hotter in extreme conditions than any other protective wear.
In moderate temperatures, it is toasty. I have an electric vest and gloves (old Widder products) for the colder climes, but have yet to give it a good test.
I'll be riding Phoenix-British Columbia later this month (October), and expect some wet and some cold, so we shall see what the suit does, but I expect it to give a good account of itself.
This suit is expensive, but it is comfortable (except for the exception noted), and should give excellent abrasion protection for that inevitable spill that ALL motorcyists should anticipate, and it makes the ATGATT easier to maintain.
If you ride a lot, if you ride endurance, if you ride long, if you ride at all---Buy this suit---It suits---very well. (Posted on 10/11/11)
1800 Mile Trip Review by clayhound
Just completed an 1800 mile trip from Chicago to Las Vegas in my Transit Suit. Wearing REI boxers and T-Shirt underneath, I was a bit warm over 86 degrees in the sun and a bit chilly below 58 at night. Fit and finish are great. The real power of this suit could be seen during a 200+ mile run in Utah through the rain. Not a single drop- unbelievable. Combined with my Alpinestar Durban boots and Tech Road gloves I was completely dry. Worth every cent! (Posted on 9/27/11)
transit suit Review by vic
Bought the transit suit two years ago to replace my darien jacket and pants.Great stuff but I am much happier with leather. Customer service at aerostich as usual was top notch . Picked up the suit about an hour away in a monsoon rain. My son ruined his phone and passport in the rain but I was dry as a bone. I zip the pants to the jacket and then put everything on but I now use aerostich suspenders for the heavy pants. The trasnsit does wear cooler in the hot sun and would be a suit i would recommend to anyone as top of the line. I know it has been said before but it is the best leather gear i have ever had. Highly recommended..Thanks to all the good folks at aerostich!!! (Posted on 8/30/11)
This suit is all you need Review by UberXY
I rode through a torrential thunderstorm today in my Transit and emerged on the other end dry as a bone, though my leather gloves soaked up about a pound of water apiece.

I've been riding 30 years and this Transit suit is the best gear I've ever had. I started out in Vanson and Brooks leathers, switched to an Aerostich Roadcrafter about ten years ago. Wanted to get back to leather about the time the Transit came out. Comfortable, great fit, reasonably cool on a hot day, and awesome in the rain. Another well thought out piece of quality gear from Aerostich.

(Posted on 7/6/11)
Customer Service Review by customerservice
At the time of this writing we are still working on developing repair, refurbishment and alterations procedures for Transit suits. Our hope is that by 2012 additional service options will be available. Please call for current updates about available services.
Customer service (Posted on 6/24/11)

Items 11 to 20 of 41 total

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