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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit


Transit 2 Two Piece Suit #248-259

43 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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This suit is all you need Review by UberXY
I rode through a torrential thunderstorm today in my Transit and emerged on the other end dry as a bone, though my leather gloves soaked up about a pound of water apiece.

I've been riding 30 years and this Transit suit is the best gear I've ever had. I started out in Vanson and Brooks leathers, switched to an Aerostich Roadcrafter about ten years ago. Wanted to get back to leather about the time the Transit came out. Comfortable, great fit, reasonably cool on a hot day, and awesome in the rain. Another well thought out piece of quality gear from Aerostich.

(Posted on 7/6/11)
Customer Service Review by customerservice
At the time of this writing we are still working on developing repair, refurbishment and alterations procedures for Transit suits. Our hope is that by 2012 additional service options will be available. Please call for current updates about available services.
Customer service (Posted on 6/24/11)
Great suit but there is a major drawback! Review by Boston Biker
While I love my new Transit suit I have just discovered a major drawback! I have owned both Darian and Roadcrafter suits. I really value that Aerostich has been able to repair and refurbish these suits for me. However I have just been told that this is not possible to do with the Transit suit as the skills/technology are not available in-house. This means damage or wear that could be repaired on my Roadcrafter could mean that I have to junk my much more expensive Transit suit. I really hope that Aerostich reconsiders this and even comments on my feedback. (Posted on 5/27/11)
RAIN WORTHY!!! Review by bls72bmw
FINALLY! Rain gear that does what it says and is Highly Protective. I really didn't want to spend the money on this suit, but after trying a million different things I said what the heck...this suit is just bloddy amazing. Rode it in 1 1/2hr downpour and no leaks, no fussiness, nothing. AND it's definitely worthy of leather crash protectiveness, if you're on the fence I would definitely recommend you go for it- very impressed. Seems to run true to size for both pants and jacket. (Posted on 5/19/11)
Alterations,please Review by davidabl
I want one,really want one but for the money I wish Aero could do the same alterations as for
the other aero suits. After all, I've got a bike that isn't worth much more than the suit....I know that's "apples and oranges," but Geez Louise that fact sure promotes sticker shock! If I'm ever anywhere near Duluth (?)
i'll certainly roll by and see if I can do one w/o alteration. (Posted on 4/29/11)
Love it. There is a trick to the zippers Review by Richard
I just got the transit suit. I am very happy with it. I was worried about the fit but the fit worked well. I was in between two sizes bas on the info on the web, and went to the larger end. Worked great. The only trouble I had was it is hella difficult to zip the pants into the jacket when you are wearing it. I almost returned the suit based on this (you need to zip the two together for safety). Then from the BMW sport touring forum, I found the trick, which I decided to share here. The trick is to to start zipping the two together with your right hand. The zipper will pull about an inch or so around, and then jam. At this point, reach your left hand around behind your back, and grab the zipper in between your thumb and forefinger. NOTE: don't touch the zipper handle! That causes it to jam! Just grab the actual zipper. Now you can pull it around your back no worries. Reverse process to undo. Other than this, I can only second the other reviews. (Posted on 4/11/11)
So Far So Good Review by Dave
I just got my Transit Suit a month or so back. I have only had one chance to test it out, after all it is still winter, even in British Columbia. I rode for 45 minutes in nothing short of a monsoon with high winds. I had my electric jacket on underneath with electric gloves (it was only 4 degress Celsius) and the suit performed flawlessly. When I got home I was totally dry, even at the neck where my Roadcrafter, and all others, leak first.
So far so good, it seems that its claims are legitimate. I will be getting more hours on the suit once spring draws closer, I am planning a trip from Vancouver, BC., to Chicago and the westward on Route 66, then south to San Ysidro, Calif., for the 3 Flags Rally back to Canada. (Posted on 3/7/11)
Sublime! Review by Wesley
I've been wearing the Transit suit on my KTM Adventure 990 for 6 months now. I got the pants one size bigger to wear over street clothes. It's just as easy to put on as my former Darien suit. I loved my Darien suit and lived in it on my ride to Alaska and back from California but after owning the Transit suit the Darien feels like a rain jacket. The Transit feels solid. I've worn it on super hot days and it felt fine and on super cold and rainy days and it was water tight. This is the last suit for me. Very happy. (Posted on 12/30/10)
WOW! Review by
This suit is heavy but it is extremely well made the best materials. Sleeves are long and the legs. But I am short and stout. lol Feel very very safe with it on! (Posted on 12/2/10)
Transit Review by Tonopah
I read somewhere that the material is fabricated in Vietnam, sent to the US and here it is cut and made into the final product.

The Transit has been out for some time now and I wonder if Aerostich, taking into consideration customer feedback especially regarding venting and pockets, is working on a Transit 2 suit?

A buddy I ride with has had Rev'it! gear, a 'stich, and now the Transit and he likes the Transit by far the best. No fiddling around. Put it on and go. (Posted on 11/26/10)

Items 21 to 30 of 43 total

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