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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit


Transit 2 Two Piece Suit #248-259

44 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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Transit Review by Tonopah
I read somewhere that the material is fabricated in Vietnam, sent to the US and here it is cut and made into the final product.

The Transit has been out for some time now and I wonder if Aerostich, taking into consideration customer feedback especially regarding venting and pockets, is working on a Transit 2 suit?

A buddy I ride with has had Rev'it! gear, a 'stich, and now the Transit and he likes the Transit by far the best. No fiddling around. Put it on and go. (Posted on 11/26/10)
Even better than I expected! Review by alistair

I was prepared to be sceptical about this one. I've had a lot of gear in the few years I've been riding, and didn't listen to my more experienced friends telling me to buy Aerostich.

My italian one-piece rain suit's zip failed, my other european suit is too hot and fussy to put on - and my awesome Alpinestars leathers are too cold in winter, and don't work in Seattle's rain.

This gear is awesome. I was dry as a bone commuting to work, had no embarassing "wet patches", and my gear was dry to ride home again in the evening.

It's almost as comfortable (after only two weeks) as my worn-in race leathers too!

The only downsides?
1. The zip fastening jacket to pants is short (read "hard to reach") and has fussy double zippers. You have to be patient and flexible to fasten it.

2. The jacket cuffs totally get in the way of those comfy rain gloves with gauntlets that you like :)

Those are my only (minor) complaints. Otherwise the quality is excellent, customer service is stunning, comfort and fit are great - and the suit looks good too! (Posted on 10/20/10)
Tested! Review by DantheMan
Managed to throw it down the road with me in it and popped right back up. Some minor scuffs and an off track zipper on the right wrist. The armor is effective. The crash holed a leather glove palm and consumed a helmet, but not my transit. Haven't been rained on since to see if the scuffs affect the waterproofing, but will report. (Posted on 9/30/10)
great piece of gear Review by frostynuts
I bought the product in June, but was skeptical that I would overheat during the summer. Took it out yesterday (I live at 9000') 22 degrees when I left for the day, by the time I returned I was riding in 85 degrees. With light layers underneath, the morning was comfortable, ditched the layers for the afternoon and was comfortable. This suit is great and wicked comfy. My only ding would be the armor which is great for street riding, but pales compared to my track leathers. Can't wait to get the thing wet. (Posted on 9/21/10)
transit suit Review by dances with roads
Over the phone, Christine helped immensely with sizing and advice making the ordering easy and fun, so when the Transit Suit arrived it fit perfectly. Nice job Christine!
"As advertised" has already been said and I fully agree.
I have put 3500 miles on it in a couple of weeks riding through CO,WY, MT... with temperatures as cold as 40 w/rain, and as hot as 103...
This is my second set of riding leathers and I have forgotten how comfortable leather is - but this leather IS different. I can really feel the difference between how hot the leather gets as compared with the front of the elbow stretch material. I noticed it right away.
The suit is light and yet substantial feeling. It is as well made as my stich and looks to last a long time. In the wind when zipped up there is zero flapping. The contours of the suit are very natural and make it quite comfortable.

Oh, and the cruiser crowd doesn't sneer in my general direction anymore... :-] (Posted on 9/8/10)
Perfect Suit Review by Weems
I love this suit. I wear it all the time riding in lots of weather. It's perfect in rain and gives me good confidence in case I should drop the bike.

IMPORTANT: I made a good choice by not buying it big enough to layer much under it (except for a shirt and thin heated jacket). In really cold weather, I put on a big ski jacket (and sometimes, but rarely, overpants) over the Transit, and stay completely toasty. This way I can wear it easily summer and winter. (Posted on 9/3/10)
transit suit excellent product Review by Bob
Packed transit suit for moto tour of Fjords region of Norway.Rained for three days of trip. Heavy rain for one day. Moderate rain for two days. Could not be happier with my selection of gear. Kept me dry and dried out after each day of riding,. Cuffs were an issue with gloves.. Solved that by putting gloves on first , then the jacket. seemed to work well with my particular waterproof gloves(BMW). Top dollar for suit but simplified my packing, and it works as advertised !!
(Posted on 8/3/10)
As Advertized Review by Jeff
I have about 1000 miles on the suit, most w/o the pants, and a couple of hours of steady rain. It is certainly waterproof even in the open face cruiser at 60 mph. I am very impressed on this point. It is cooler than my 25 yr old Hein Gericke in the sun. It has much better wind protection than the old leather jacket, it is absolutley wind proof and vents well with the wrist loose and the back flap open. It will actually blow up like a balloon if the front is not opened a bit. I found the jacket too warm on my BMW touring bike with a full fairing on a hot day. Pretty much anything but a t-shirt is too warm in these conditions. Some reviews think the sleeves are too long, I find them just right. There have been some nits about the collar chaffing. Overall I find the collar comfortable against bare skin. There is one small area at the top of the zipper that is a bit irritating on long rides. I'll figure something out here for warm weather riding. With a turtle neck microfiber this will be a mute point. The leather was stiff out of the box but softened quite nicely in a week of daily use. I Like the jacket length even though I usually role under the bottom front when riding. This suit seems to perform as advertized. I am very happy and expect to use this gear for a long time to come. I typically ride from snow to snow here in the Northeast looking forward to great cold weather performance. I used the Aerostich sizing calculator and it worked perfectly. Now I am going for some good boots and retiring the Redwings. I'll be keeping my Firstgear textiles for friends. (Posted on 7/20/10)
pants too long Review by Nightcruiser
I bought the transit suit last year when it first came out and found the pants were way to long. (I'm 6ft tall) I saved the whole suit until the "short" size was in stock and sent the pants back and they were replaced.The original pants were about 4 inches to long. The "'short" size was also about 3 inches too long and the pants couldn't could not be modified account of the zipper coming all the way down the leg. and Aerostitch said any modification would destroy the waterproofing. I kept the jacket and sent the pants back for a refund. (Posted on 7/16/10)
Great Jacket for tall guys Review by Hellbent
I've been waiting for Aerostich to make a tall version of the Transit and it's finally here! I'm 6'5 with a positive ape index... knuckle-dragger.. and skinny to boot. I have to say, I'm very pleased so far. This is the first Leather Jacket I have ever had that fits me in the sleeves and shoulders without being too bulky everywhere else. And great job on the collar! This is the first collar that doesn't bite me in the Adams -apple.

My only complaints are small. It would be nice if there were a toll pocket on the left forearm and the Velcro on the wrist strap should go farther back so more of the Velcro makes contact when the strap is in a relaxed state. My Rukka jacket had a similar strap and after a few years of everyday commuting the strap would loose its grip in high winds and flap around. I predict this will be the case with the transit in fewer years as there is less Velcro holding it in place. Never skimp on the Velcro it looses its ability to function too quickly. The more surface area to grip the longer it will last.

It would also be nice if the front were cut a little shorter to keep it from bunching when in a tucked position, but I imagine it will loosen up over time.

Overall it does wear considerably cooler than my old Rukka or Clover Textile jackets which are now officially retired.

Great Job. (Posted on 6/12/10)

Items 31 to 40 of 44 total

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