Sphere of Paradoxness

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Sphere of Paradoxness

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Customer Reviews (8)

Lockout OverrideReview by Rich
To BDavison: I did this as well and thought I was pretty well screwed but on close examination found a slight depression in the shield that allowed me to depress the horn button. It turns out the Sphere uses the horn as an override function, required by Federal law for access by First Responders. Simply tapping in the "Shave and a Haircut" sequence shuts the sphere down. However, unless the whole system is power cycled, the next time the horn is sounded it will reactivate quickly and it could cause injury to bystanders. (Posted on 10/29/15)
Heightened Mortality SalienceReview by Gary
The purpose of the Sphere is to heighten mortality salience. However, if the Sphere is set too high, mortality salience may be debilitating. Users are warned to moderate the strength of the Sphere to optimize cortical stimulation without impeding motor control and prefrontal judgement functions.
Rock Chalk, y'all,
Dr. J. Hawk (Posted on 10/24/13)
discontinuedReview by rampage
does this mean the cube of hypochondria has been discontinued?

is there an upgrade path?

(Posted on 1/21/10)
FilteringReview by Porn-Hair
Don't try to lane split using this prodick..
Don't ask..... trust me (Posted on 1/19/10)
FilteringReview by Porn-Hair
Don't try to Split Lanes with this product...
Don't ask... just trust me. (Posted on 1/19/10)
VoltageReview by illnoise
Man, another case of discrimination against owners of 6-volt bikes. Why can't you make a 6-volt version for vintage Vespas, and a positive ground version for british bike owners? (Posted on 12/3/09)
great-now how do I get on?Review by bdavison
I installed this and followed the instructions. I used the remote feature, and turned it on, but I cant get it to disarm. Everytime I get close to the bike, it knocks me across the room, and my hair smells funny. Im also getting this uncontrollable twitching in my leg. It works good though, the neighbors cat came by yesterday, and last time I saw it, it was running around in circles in their front yard, and its whiskers were smoking.. (Posted on 10/16/09)
great - now how do i get out?Review by Ogmios
though wiring it up was a bit of a pain, once i had sorted the inline dylithium crystal fuse (15amp) and set the clock to "here+now" (i had it on GMT so it kept putting the lights on - thinking it was 8 hours later) - it was easy from there.
However... having entered the sphere i stupidly left the instructions OUTside! now i cannot exit!!! am sending this message from my cell phone. please send help - am tired and hungry and desperate for a bathroom! (Posted on 10/6/09)