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Aerostich Compact Tire Repair Kit with Mini Compressor


Aerostich Compact Tire Repair Kit with Mini Compressor #4750

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Customer Reviews

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Like AAA in my side case Review by Brian
Just a little relief in the back of my mind if I ever need it. Tried it out when i got it, works pretty good for how small it is. Only one thing, compressor almost looks like it is missing a plastic cover over the end ? Maybe its just me (Posted on 6/27/14)
Speechless Tire Repair Review by Terry
I am an avid biker and have have this kit for a few years. We were on a trip to the 110 Harley party and came across a woman with a flat tire on the side of the road.
We asked her if we could help and she said there was not much that we could do because she had a screw in her tire.
So we got off the bike and pulled out my kit, I told her that i might be able to get her back on the road at least until she could get to a repair shop.
Next thing you know she is following us into town. She was speechless cause a biker could fix her tire on the side of the road.
Every biker should have a kit like this, it work great...... (Posted on 3/11/14)
Awesome mini kit Review by Louise
This kit is great. It is very compact and fills tires in no time. Every piece of wiring possible comes with it, but once you pick a method for tapping into your battery, you can get rid of most of it. It fits into my luggage easily with the rest of the crap needed for long trips. Great product! (Posted on 2/23/12)
10 pounds in a 5 pound stuff sack Review by Geezer with a Grudge
The question is, "Can a motorcyclist visit Duluth and not stop at RiderWearhouse?"

The answer is, "Probably not."

On our 43rd anniversary trip this summer, my wife and I planned a cage trip to Duluth to escape the August heat. There was no motorcycle component to this trip because she isn't a comfortable passenger and that week offered exceptionally uncomfortable weather; afternoon temperatures above 100F and thunderstorms in the evening.

However, I'd received an Aerostich sale email earlier that week advertising a bit off of the tire repair kit and a disappointing experience with my Mini Foot Pump convinced me that yet another piece of modern technology belonged in my emergency bike tools kit.

The Aerostich Compact Tire Repair Kit is exactly that; compact and a complete tire repair kit. Aerostich has stuffed at least 10 pounds of kit into a 5 pound bag, with accommodations for even more if you have the space. I don't. The storage space I have on my V-Strom is exactly right for the area taken up by my old foot pump and my new 'stich kit. No more and I'm serious about that. In fact, my only complaint about this kit is that, like practically everything I buy, getting it all back in the packaging as neatly and compactly as the factory could probably use a manual. If I were to do it over again, I'd take a picture of the pump as I removed it from the extremely well-designed stuff bag. I didn't, so I wrestled with putting it all back together after my first use.

The Aerostich Compact Tire Repair Kit contains a nice set of tube and tubeless tire repair tools, three connector sets to wire the electric pump to your electrical system, and a very compact 12VDC air compressor with enough wire and 26" of hose to get you to either tire from either end of any bike, a power switch, and a carbiner to clip to a convenient attachment to relieve strain from the compressor wiring. The well-made stuff sack has 4 small outer pockets to hold other tools, like a flashlight and tire gauge, if you have the real estate for that on your bike.

The Aerostich catalog claims this is "the smallest and most packable tire kit available" and at 1.2 pounds and a packed size of 7"x3"x5.25" I have to reason to argue with them. My old foot pump took up about the same space in the rear cowling of my V-Strom, but when it came time to fill a dead flat 150/70R-17 rear tire the foot pump completely failed the task. Repairing and refilling an equally flat 110/80R-19 took about 45 minutes and 40 of that was finding the nail, pulling it, and plugging the hole. From the moment I pulled off the handy and huge rubber band, untangled the pump wiring, and inserted the valve adapter, it took less than 5 minutes (end-to-end) to fill the tire and put away the tools. The tire's rim seal had not broken and if that were the case the fill-up would be more difficult.

As usual, I give this product the usual five-star recommendation for all things Aerostich. Nice work, guys. Now, I just have to explain to my wife why stopping at RiderWearhouse is part of an anniversary celebration.

Thomas Day
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Magazine (Posted on 8/14/10)

4 Item(s)

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Roadside and Garage Tire Replacement and Repair

“In the 1970’s better motorcycle tire repair and service equipment became more necessary (and market-viable economically) because thousands of riders began taking longer motorcycle trips routinely. An important advance was the ‘mini-air compressor’. These ubiquitous little Asian-made 12v tools made it as fast and easy to re-inflate one’s tires on the side of a road as it was in any fully equipped service and maintenance garage.

Fifteen years ago you had to make your own take-along mini-compressor, and it wasn’t a very pretty process. First you had to buy the compressor the only way it was then available: housed in a bulky plastic case intended for automotive carrying and use. Then you’d have to smash away the case to get out the compressor unit only. And you’d still need to add a switch and figure out the necessary wiring connectors.

We decided there was a better way. So we started working with a company in Asia that made one of the nicer compressors. A rider named Andrew Falk helped us produce what we needed by adding a little carabiner to hold it off the ground, and simple wires and switches. And a nice heat-resistant storage bag. Done.

Then a year later we combined this tool with a useful range of patches, repair tools and plugs…and voilà, the ultimate compact tire repairification kit. This whole kit zips neatly into it’s handy nylon storage pouch and carries easily just about anywhere. Of course back at your home garage it’s also perfect for easier occasional worn-out tire changing, too.”

-- Mr. Subjective, 1-13


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