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#2829 PROTEKT Riding Jeans

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Aerostich PROTEKT Jeans

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Knee Pockets too high Review by Chris
After reading several reviews I ordered the Protect Jeans one size to long figuring this might put the knee pockets in the right spot and I'll have the overall length shortened..
Still, they were way to high and sitting on the bike the knee pads are on my thighs. Hard to understand why after so many complaints about this it is still an issue. Pants seem to be of excellent quality and well made. Return was handled without problems and I liked the fact that I was able to talk to a courteous staff on the phone. What I really would have liked though is a pair of riding pants that work. Will try Aerostich again for other gear. (Posted on 6/19/15)
Impressed Review by Shawn
I bought these Protekt jeans during the winter and they had been sitting in the box until warmer weather.

My normal leg gear consists of wearing Dainese knee guards underneath my regular pair of jeans.

The Dainese velcro has started to loose its integrity and stay snug around my leg. So, today I opted to utilize the Protekt jeans with knee pads.

I was very hesitant to use the Protekt jeans with the knee protection, because I was so used to the full shin and knee protections of the Dainese.

I am a big guy and I was impressed with how the jeans fit. The jeans are of good quality. They do NOT have that "stiff as a board" feel at all. Just a solid jean feel.

The knee pads were easily inserted into the knee pocket. Pretty cool! The pads ride up high on the knee and quad area when riding. I was a little taken aback by this. Again, so used to wearing a Dainese full shin and knee guard. I had to tell myself that if I fell of the bike I doubt that my knees will be in a 45 degree position!
When the jeans are not bent the pads cover the entire knee area and then some!

I like the fact that you can remove the knee pads after riding. This makes the Protekt jeans look like regular jeans. With the knee pads inserted the knee area does balloon up a bit.

After riding for several hours and working all day in the Protekt jeans I have altered my opinion about Aerostich's "motorcycle jean."

If I do take a spill from my bike, and I pray I never do, I am confident that these Protekt jeans would most definitely survive a skid or slide and prevent road rash on my legs and knees better than a regular pair of store bought jeans.

If you have not tried or worn a pair of third party motorcycle jeans I say DONT! Do not waste your money on another brand. Stay with Aerostich. They made a believer out of me and that is hard to do. (Posted on 5/15/15)
Well Made - Some Comments Review by Mike
The jeans seem to be well made. I feel pretty confident that I'd be protected should I take a spill. One suggestion I have though is to add one or two more belt loops. I don't feel five loops are enough. (Posted on 5/12/15)
Knee pads too high Review by Richard
As with many other customers I've found that the knee pockets are way too high for me too. Normally I wear Levis 34-34 I ordered 36-36 to be sure they were long enough. They are long enough but when sitting on my bike (R1200GS) the knee pads are on my thigh and my knee is then unprotected...
I will have to wear knee protector under the jeans, exactly what I did not want to do...
I wonder when you will modify this part of the jeans after so many complaints since at least 2010...? (Posted on 2/3/15)
Knee pockets are not positioned low enough Review by Dave
Recently ordered this product. Seems to be well made, but the knee protection pockets are not positioned low enough to provide good coverage while sitting on the bike. I am fairly tall and ordered waste size 34 and length 36. In the standing position, the knee pads seem to be positioned OK, but they sit too high in the seating position.
I've never had this problem with MC pants. I need these pants soon for a scheduled trip, so I'll probably take a needle and thread, and some Velcro and fix the problem. (Posted on 1/4/15)
If it were not for the label inside... Review by Superchicken
I ordered two different sizes since those offered on the website are what I normally wear in pants. I wear 32 x 34, and am 6'1" tall, 160 lbs.

The site will sell you 32 x 32 or 34 x 34. So I bought both to try each and we which fit best. Figured I'd just return the "other" pair later.

Got the pants and out of the bag the construction and features do not appear objectionable in any way. Tried them on and put the knee pads in. I bought both the tf3 and the tf5 versions, intending to return which ever pair did not work the best.

The 32 x 32 jeans fit a bit loose in the waist but these are claimed to be shrink to fit. The length was short though when seated. With boots on that would probably be barely acceptable depending on how much the length might change. Because the legs are too short the knee pads sit too high. As it was they made thought protectors more than knee pads. If I a shed them the problem would only get worse as the legs would shrink even more. Not acceptable so this pair is going back.

Tried the 34x 34. Length is great and the knee pads still a touch high but more liveable. The waist was like clown pants. No way would they ever shrink enough. This won't work either.

As I was packing these back into their bags I had to check which pair was which size so I'd get them in the correct bags. The label inside the 32 x 32 pair has a tag that lists 4 sizes for the length with this 32 waist size: 30,32, 34, 36. 32 had a check next to it indicating the length for this pair. ???? I need 32 x 34 and this tag suggests that is a size these come in. The brand on the jeans is aero stitch. Why list sizes not offered for sale? Hmmm.

Tomorrow I plan to call and ask about that. I hope that they can get me the size I need. if not, this whole purchase will need to go back. I hope to report back success. (Posted on 8/15/14)
Knee Pockets Still Too High Review by Nick
While the finish and comfort of these jeans is spot on, the knee pads are still too high on the leg. I'm 5'11" and 160lbs. Normally a 30x32 in jeans. Ordered a 32x32 as that was the smallest size available. Customer service claimed they would shrink to the correct size. Upon arrival and pre-washing they fit very loose. After 2 washes they shrank some but they're still noticeably baggier than my Levis 505's. They're very comfortable on and off the bike but I would have preferred a size 30" waist if it were available.
The main problem I have is that when my knees are bent in a seated position the bottom edge of the pads/nylon panels barely cover the tops of my kneecaps. I ride a standard so I'm not in any extreme positions. I called customer service again asking about alterations but was told Aerostich doesn't alter the jeans.
Overall the product is an excellent value compared to all other riding jeans I've tried. The knee pad solution is fantastic. (could we get similar TF5 pockets in the hips too?) I just wish there was 2-3 more inches of pad pocket below the knees. It would be great to have the tall/extra length custom fit options that are offered on the suits available on these jeans for those of us with longer legs; I'd gladly pay a premium for it. I would have bough a pair of 32x34's (if they were made) to get it. Heck, I'd even buy a 30x34 if it was ever offered. Hopefully Aerostich will provide more fit options for this product in the future. In the meantime I'm off to find a tailor since the washed jeans can't be returned. (Posted on 4/16/14)
Riding Jeans Review by Brian
Wow, really pleased with these riding jeans. Was looking for something with more protection than Levi's yet wearable off the bike in social or casual work settings. These fit the bill perfectly. After the second wash I'm loving the 'shrink-to-fit', but sizing took twice to get right (don't wash 'em till you're sure!). I wear a 32x32 in prewash Levi's and found the 34x30 with these fit right. Good news is customer service is fast & friendly about returns! They were also helpful with sizing questions, so don't be bashful. Good on ya, Aerostich! (Posted on 1/20/14)
What else can I say... Review by Robert
What else can I say that has not already been said by previous reviewers. The jeans seem like a quality product. Time will tell. Although denim is not the best protective gear on the market, and it certainly will not replace my Roadcrafter, it seems like just the thing for a quick run to the local coffee house. The waist is true to size relative to my other pants. The length was a bit long out of the box, but after the initial washing they shrunk about an inch and looks like they will be perfect when seated on the bike. Thanks for another American made quality product Aerostitch!
(Posted on 7/28/13)
PROTEKT Jeans fit right Review by Larry B
Wanted to buy a pair of riding jeans for a long time but didn't like the design of the other brands. checked out the protekt jeans liked what I saw especially the knee pads and heavier denim and the fact they are made in the USA, but read the reviews and was concerned about the pads not fitting correctly then read the review that aerostich posted (thank you areostich for listening to your customers) and they corrected the problem. I bought a pair and I am very happy with the fit of the jeans and the knee pads stay in place and are very comfortable. I definitely recommend the protekt jeans to anybody thinking of buying a pair of riding jeans. (Posted on 5/24/13)

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