#217 Aerostich Electric Warmbib

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Aerostich Electric Warmbib

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Just what I neededReview by Brian
Made a 140 mile ride to Aerostich in Duluth on a drizzly 40-50 degree day and picked up a Warmbib there for the ride home. Between my Goldwing heated seat and my Warmbib under my riding gear I was all toasty cozy. What I like best is the Warmbib is small enough keep stored with my rain gear at all times in case my wife or myself gets cold on a long ride. The only improvement I could see is the addition of a rheostat type switch to adjust the temperature instead of just on/off. (Posted on 5/29/13)
Great item!Review by Chilled one
This is one great little item. Not as bulky as a coat, but kept me warm on a chilly day. A second use, I have a bad back...so I plugged it in, turned it around, and had toasty warmth on my back. Almost like a heating pad on a bike. Keeps me going all day now! :) (Posted on 3/31/13)
Yeah, It really works,Review by Clint
I have been using the Warmbib for most of a month under a Roadcrafter in the cold Seattle rain. It has made a big difference. The warmth on my chest takes that cold tension out of my body . I just feel warmer and more able to concentrate on the bad drivers on cell phones and less on how cold I am. I like the fact you can put it on without taking off your suit or jacket.. Makes it easier to use. Very cool product . (Posted on 2/21/13)
not a vestReview by KW
Good value but my back was chilled riding a Bmw r1150rt - glad it was on the bike in Nov. in Mi. (Posted on 11/8/12)
Warmbib should be called COZY Bib!!Review by Starrider
I purchased this Cozy Bib about 2 weeks ago, just before the onset of cold season (elev.7000'). Normally, by this time of the year, I would have my favorite past-time up on blocks with the Battery Tender hooked up!! I've been able to ride EVERY day since this purchase because the bib genuinely keeps me toasty warm even when I'm creating my on Wind chill factor (I can't do 55)!! This Warm (cozy) bib is the best purchase of it's type that I have ever made and the theory behind it (keeps your core heated) really works!! If you ride in "COLD" weather and you don't have ANY heated gear, this is a very affordable way to start your collection!! (Posted on 11/2/12)
Electric WarmbibReview by Eddie
I have been using the Warmbib for three years now and I could not be happier with it. I Have been all over Australia on my Suzuki GSF1250S including the snowy mountains where temperatures were down to -10 degrees. Toes were cold but body remained warm. Bib does not seem to affect alternator output. (Posted on 10/6/12)
Helped keep me alive in AKReview by Nemo
Great little boobie warmer for bikes with limited spare electrical capacity, quality materials and it does indeed stay put beneath a jacket. I used mine on a 3-month Alaska ride on a DR650--the warmbib and heater grips were just within what its charging system could handle. Silliest looking garment ever, but its warmth kept me one step ahead of misery on those chilly, rainy Alaska summer days, including a snowy crossing over Atigun Pass.

Two small things: an elastic strap (perhaps removable) would be handy to compress the bib against the body, so that contact and heat transfer is maintained. Second, after the big ride, one of the prongs of the SAE plug fell out, and a new cord will be necessary. Better-quality cords would be a great idea--if it had failed in AK or British Columbia, I'd have been in a bad way and close to hypothermia on some days. (Posted on 7/29/12)
warmbib reviewReview by mark in mesa
i bought the warmbib because one of my vintage bikes has a very weak electrical system and it cannot support much of an accessory load. the warmbib works just great on this bike. so far it has not overloaded the system at all. on a chilly 45 degree phoenix morning the bib made a usually uncomfortable ride quite comfortable (this bike is unfaired). and it works very well on my large cruiser, too. i'll be getting one for my wife as well. good value. (Posted on 3/14/12)
heated bib for motorcycleReview by mrboat
Since I have received the bib I have not had time to wear it as the weather has been toooo cold to ride. Highs 40 or less. I did pu the bib on and dressed as if I were riding and I really did not feel any difference. It feels as though I have on a heavy sweatshirt. As soon as the weather gets better I plan to try it out on the bike. (Posted on 2/12/12)
A little small.Review by Kung
I am 5'5" so I thought the regular size would fit well but I am wishing it was 2" longer. Other than that, it heats up very well. I have used it about twenty times now. (Posted on 2/2/12)

Items 11 to 20 of 34 total

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