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Transit 2 Pants

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Very versatile pantsReview by Bob
I had my transit pants (I do not have the jacket) for about 6 months now and have approx. 4000 miles of travel on them. I am a sport bike rider. I have found the pants worked well, even at extremely hot temperatures (105 F) and low temperatures (40 F). The pants fit very well. They are heavy in weight but I like that. I have ridden in rain and have not gotten wet, even in the crotch. They lack vents but in extremely hot temps ( I ride an air-cooled twin BTW) I would ride with the fly open or sometimes the button open. They are very high quality pants. I have not had to test their abrasion characterstics. They have a nice narrow bottom of the leg when zipped.
(Posted on 12/5/11)
Excellent Pants!Review by OrangeDragon
IMHO, if the pants are in your budget do not think twice about purchasing these pants. If out of your budget consider saving up for a pair.

The quality of construction is top notch. The materials are also excellent. No compromises were made in the design. They are very comfortable pants and I have confidence that they will provide a high level of safety if the need accidentally happened.

I am 5'-4". 129lbs. I have a very hard time finding pants that fit me correctly. I purchased a 30S and they fit me just right. I chose this size as I had no intention of wearing jeans/pants underneath. I would go a size larger if I wanted to do that. (Posted on 5/14/11)
Customer ServiceReview by customerservice
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Customer Service (Posted on 3/21/11)
Right, if they fit, I could tell you.Review by Smiley
Dear Mr. Subjective,

I was an early adopter of transitwear, and I love it. Problem is, I bought before a "Short" size was available. I need 36 S trousers now, but I have a pair of 38Rs that I'm stuck with. The fit is so bad, and I look like such a clown in these oversized drawers, that I'm tempted to say "screw the protection and comfort, I'm just going to wear jeans like those guys who put racing pipes on their bikes and pay for dyno tuning, but won't spend more than $10 for a helmet. I KNOW you KNOW the squids of which I speak. I like those guys, but I want cool, armored, waterproof leather pants before I tune the bike for the track. Yeah, I'm dull. I could be the perfect event coordinator for the next very boring rally.

Anyway . . . $750 is heavy for pants. Could you cut me a deal on a pair of 36S? I tried not look in any mirrors for a couple if years, but the reflection of my short, slovenly self has undone my otherwise steady self esteem. I am in despair. I know I can't trade in used pants, but there must be something you can do. I think that WHEN we hit $8/gallon gasoline, we'll all be riding small cc bikes or vespas. So, I'd really like to wear your brand name in style, but I just cannot find a loose $750 in my trailer. How about a $100 coupon for my diction? "Slovenly" is pretty good, and I really look crappy in them long (and now loose) pants.

Four wheels good; two wheels better,

Smiley (coincidental, I swear) (Posted on 12/10/10)
100% Waterproof, but a bit hotReview by Bullfrog
I live in Hawaii and have had a pair of Transit Pants for about four months now. I do not have the jacket. The pants are performing wonderfully. The fit is perfect. They were comfortable right out of the box. I like the fact that they have reflective material on the back of the legs and belt loops (if you need them). They also have a zipper on the back for attachment to the jacket, but as I said, I don’t have one so cannot say how well they work together. The weather in Hawaii is of course favorable to year around riding. However, it does get wet. You could start off on a beautiful day only to have the wind blow rain down from the mountains on you. Jeans don’t cut it if you are a regular commuter. These pants have now gone through a number of rain showers and have worked perfectly – 100% waterproof for sure (and they look good). The downside is that, as leather, they can get hot. It is fine if you are blasting along at 60 mph, but can become a little uncomfortable if you are stuck in traffic. If you ride in a warm environment, I would not recommend that you wear jeans or other pants underneath. It will be too hot. In Hawaii, I wear a pair of pajama bottoms underneath right now, but a pair or Merino wool long underwear would probably be even better. (Posted on 8/26/10)
Transit PantsReview by Jocko
Absolutely the best pants I have ever owned, and I have tried a lot. Just got back from Sturgis and Montana. Saw weather from 102º and sunny to 46 and rain (almost snow). The pants were great worn just as pants, not over pants. In the heat they were as good as some very expensive mesh pants that I used to own and over the Bozeman Pass they were warm enough (can't say the same for the stupid "rain proof" gloves I had from a large national manufacturer). I would highly recommend them to anyone for all riding conditions. Truly a great pant, period. (Posted on 8/20/10)

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