#9256 Medium Motofizz Camping Seat Bag

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Medium Motofizz Camping Seat Bag

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Decent BagReview by Vabuckaroo
This is a good bag. Wish some one made one here in the US. (Posted on 10/3/11)
Super bagReview by Steve
I recently bought the medium size motofizz and found it to be a great bag and it was extremely versatile. There was no problems whatsoever with the instructions even though they are in Japanese. (never did find the aerostich instructions) Once I got the hang out it I was able to position the bag where it was correctly balanced, provided backsupport and provided easy access to my frequently used items. The only downside has been mentioned in other reviews. et al; the raincover. It was too small and would've blown off if I hadn't used bungees. I brought a backpack cover to add to the raincover and it was sufficient to keep my stuff dry. (Posted on 9/22/11)
Great bag, criminally poor instructionsReview by DiggerJim
I bought this bag to replace the insanely expensive but seriously ugly BMW 49L Top Case for my R1200RT. The medium MotoFizz is a bit larger (volume) but looks smaller & packs my stuff easier. Easy on/off the bike. Good to toss over the shoulder for soft luggage. I can fit a week's worth of clothes & toiletries, etc. into this bag. Or a weekend for two (including her shoes).

Did I mention the high quality, easy to follow, crystal clear instructions? No? Didn't think so because those must be on some other bag. This one comes with a big sheet of pictures & a lot of foreign language (Chineses? Japanese?) writing. Don't think there's a single word of English on it. So I'm guessing that I've got it strapped to the bike correctly and pretty sure I know how to use it but not sure where the "custom pocket" for the rain cover is or what the X-strap is for.

I'd buy it again though. I also recommend it to all my riding friends. (Posted on 9/17/11)
It does it allReview by max
I just used this bag on the back of my seat for my Triumph Bonneville and I couldn't have been happier. It was so easy to snap onto the seat and snap off of the seat. There were smaller pockets on either side of the bag for items i needed access too often like my camera and my wallet. It also provided a little bit of a backrest for those 100 mi. stretches. I got the medium and had more than enough room for all of my gear. Great product, highly recommended. (Posted on 9/16/11)
Great bagReview by Tonopah
I have both the medium and the small. I use the small for my daily commute but the medium works out great for motorcycle camping trips. I ride a BMW F650GS twin. The rear rack on my bike is 17 1/2 inches wide and the medium fits on it perfectly (unexpanded). Expanded it hangs over bit on the left and right but not much. It holds my sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, and other gear with no problem. Very secure on the bike. I carry a cargo net that I can throw over the waterproof cover to keep it in place and with that -- this is a go anywhere grab bag. (Posted on 8/22/11)
Wonderbag!Review by Apexdc
I bought the medium bag to use on my KTM 950SM to ride 500 miles each way up to Monterey for MotoGP. It worked great. I love the attention to detail and great construction.

When properly strapped down, it is rock solid and, unexpanded, had plenty of room for six days out of town. I liked it so much I bought one for one of my riding buddies, when he wouldn't let me pay my half on a shared hotel room. (He likes it, too.)

Definitely one of the best on the market. (Posted on 8/19/11)
great bag!Review by Don
I have had an eye on this bag for a while but did not have a trip planned. We recently did plan a trip to Oshkosh and around Lake Michigan on our bikes. Due to a health issue the trip changed to cars, but I had ordered the bag anyway. It works really well strapped on the luggage rack of a Morgan +8 as well as a bike! I was able to carry everything I needed and it was easy and quick to remove at the end of the day. I highly recommend this series of bags and only wish it was waterproof,putting the cover on for a pop-up shower was a pain. (Posted on 7/31/11)
I’ve searched for a year for this great bag! Review by TravisJ
I have a 2008 Suzuki M50 and the medium size bag is my everyday bag. I have a steel thermos I commute with and the built in holder is perfect. The medium Motofizz bag (unexpanded) holds my workout bag, my padded jacket, vest and a half helmet. Expanded you can add so much more to the bag, the expansion is very generous. I have a separate laptop bag only for easy removal from my sissy bar; I could fit my laptop bag in my medium Motofizz when expanded. I don’t think you’ll need the large bag. Major downside: it isn’t waterproof. I have to put a plastic bag over it when stored outside so moisture doesn’t seep in. (Posted on 7/1/11)
Best bag I have seenReview by Mark
I purchased one of these a few years ago and it has never failed to meet my expectations. It keeps your gear dry, is easy to access while lashed to a bike in foul weather, it has plenty of room and is well made and sturdy to boot! I got the medium size because the length when extended was the same as my tent so that I could put it inside and have less clutter and less equipment exposed. Would I buy another one? Yes! Does it have a downside? Only if you can't resist the urge to take with you more than you need! (Posted on 3/18/11)
Great!Review by TBear
I'm very disappointed … that they changed the color scheme. The black/silver matched my BMW F800ST so well. The new black and dark gray is just not as good looking. Other than that, it's a GREAT bag. Solid, stable, and well built. I have the large (great for camping and long trips, but too big for day to day use. I also have the small. Great for a day trip but a little small for my day to day commuting needs (cold weather gear, rain gear, etc.). This is my "almost every day bag". Best rear bag I have had yet and I have had many! (Posted on 2/24/11)

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