#429 Electro-Touch Elkskin Ropers

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Aerostich Touch-Screen Elkskin Ropers

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Touch screen ropersReview by bruce
This review runs a bit hot and cold:
The gloves themselves are fantastic; I've been using Aerostich products for about a decade now.... why the hell did I not try these gloves before now?!? Fit is predictable. Comfort is first-rate.
Now as to the touch screen part... where is it? My iPhone 7 ignores the stitching inserts completely. I've tried all the fingers and thumbs hoping that something would "talk" to my phone, but to no avail.
So, I still have to take off a glove to access the phone screen. (Posted on 9/20/17)
Weird sizingReview by Jonathan
I read all the reviews before purchasing. Most seemed to say the gloves ran big (though a few say they run small?!?). Measuring as described on the website left my dominant hand at or just under a 9.5, with my non-dominant hand at or just over a 9. I am of very thin build. Wanting to be sure I got exactly the right size I ordered both a size 9 set and a size 8.5. When they came in, the size 9 was dead on with my thumbs but very roomy around my fingers, even more roomy around the center of my hand, and just plain loose around my wrists; so loose I don't have to unsnap the wrist snap to put on or take off the gloves. The size 8.5 fit very well all over except was too short in the thumbs, so much so that they would have been uncomfortable to wear while gripping a handlebar. I have sent the size 8.5 back and will apparently have to sew a dart into the size 9s around the wrist so they can't easily come off in case I down the bike. Though they will still fit looser than I normally like in a glove, I have to keep telling myself that it doesn't matter if they are baggy while off the bike, it matters that they are comfortable and functional on the bike, which they are.
Other than the sizing, I like the nice thick and extremely soft leather. The touch screen threads are great on the thumb and middle finger but a little far to the outside of the pointer finger for my tastes. As others have stated, the touch screen threads don't work for me out of the bag but I'm sure when they get worn in with some dirt and grime on them they will be fine. Overall pleased with the gloves; yes I'll have to alter them but when you are thin like me you have to alter all your clothes. (Posted on 9/11/17)
Very soft glovesReview by andy
I got the touchscreen version in natural. Had no problems with break in. I did have to return my original order. They were too tight when using the size chart. You may want to order a size up if you like your gloves to fit a little bit loose, like i do. They are not pre-curved so the palm does bunch up a very little, but it's not noticeable when riding. The leather is so soft that to dont feel it. They work very well for temps 40F to about 80F. The wind does not go through them and they do breathe well. The touchscreen threading is not great though...it works, but after about 1 month the threads start coming unraveled. Would be nice if that part of the design was more durable. Otherwise they are really nice. (Posted on 12/29/16)
Great Gloves!Review by Eric
Easily the best gloves I've ever owned, I had about 20K miles on my first pair when I lost one glove: ordered a new pair the next day. Fitment guide worked great for me and they're pretty easy to keep clean. (Posted on 11/9/15)
Love'emReview by Viking Olly
I am particularly keen on these gloves which are a fair price for the money. I used them for the full term of the Butt Lite VII Rally where they took an absolute flogging. They are quick to get on and off, wear in fast, and can be modified with scissors to provide one or two fingers without the tips in place. Being able to drive my iPhone was a bonus. (Posted on 7/20/14)
Great GlovesReview by scott
Still breaking them in. Very comfortable. The threads work when wet right now but will get better with time. Thanks for great gloves! (Posted on 6/7/14)
Great GloveReview by Jeremy
Nice gloves very comfortable. Thumb squeegee works great. Seem to run large as I prefer a tight fit that will break into my hand. (Posted on 5/28/14)
I am not impressed...Review by John
I have had a pair of these gloves for a couple years (since they were first available). The first pair lasted a couple years . The metallic threads eventually stopped working, so to speak, and would not activate my iPhone screen. All four fingers and both thumb areas were DOA. The metallic thread failure started occurring after about a years worth of usage. Plus I got a hole in the side on one glove from normal usage. Yeah...I ride way too much but I figured the elk skin would hold up much better from normal daily wear.

Overall I will rate these gloves 2.5 out of 5. The metallic thread failure after a year is a killer...getting a hole in the glove is another. I really expected better quality and for the gloves to last much longer.

(Posted on 2/20/14)
Better Touch-Screen than my fingerReview by Gary
For what ever reason, my fingers don't seem to trigger the touchscreen on my GPS. But the thread on these gloves trigger the screen as soon as it gets close to the button. I just finished 400 miles through the TX panhandle and eastern NM heat (90 degrees or so). Comfortable gloves even in this heat. (Posted on 7/11/13)
work gloves, marginal motorcycle glovesReview by Bruce
I have to agree with another reviewer that a major flaw with these is that they're not built with any pre-curve and thus suffer from palm leather bunching at the base of your fingers/palm when gripping the handlebar. This bunching cause a hot spot and pinching on the motorcycle handgrip as your hand moves around shifting and braking.

I wore these for three weeks straight, hoping that they would break in, but no such luck. I don't see any amount of break-in that would introduce a natural, non-bunched curve.

They're sitting on the counter unused: a wasted experiment. (Posted on 6/28/13)

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