Gut Wrench

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Gut Wrench

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Customer Reviews (9)

Wrench suggestionReview by Alyn
These are a great idea but for those of us on long tours I would like to suggest sockets. These are much easier to pack and are truly bite size (up to 20 mm) compared to the wrenches. Keep up the good work guys. (Posted on 4/3/11)
DeliciousReview by noodles
I'll take two, can't get enough of the iron. (Posted on 4/2/11)
Gut feelingReview by unionjackshack
After seeing this there was this gut feeling that came over me.Really cool toolfood a warranty would be nice for the price (Posted on 4/2/11)
Mmmm, Mmmm, Good!Review by Scot
Seems like I'm always gettin' stuck way out on the trail without enough to eat, and I thought these Gut Wrench things would be just the ticket. And they worked great, too, until one day when I was out on the north rim of the Grand Canyon at a particularly remote overview at the end of sixty miles of really bad dirt road. The 'ol Norton P11 was just hammering along, power sliding through the bends and just skimmin' over the tops of the rocks, just like in those old '60s International Six Days trials movies. There we were alone with this awesome view and not another person in sight when the most enormous hunger pang I'd ever experienced hit me right in the gut. And as usual, I didn't have a crumb in my pockets. Then I remembered the Gut Wrenches (Whitworth, of course) I'd stashed in the P11's tool kit. I bent down to pop off the side cover and noticed that the chain was loose, one spoke was missing, a foot peg was ready to fall off, there were three new oil leaks, and one of the fenders was rubbing on the back tire. The thing was gonna need a complete overhaul just to make it back to the pavement! And if I ate my Gut Wrenches, I'd have no tools to do the work! Or if I eased my hunger, I'd have to wait while Nature took her course and I could once again have access to the wrenches (after a good wash, of course). So I started in on the work, mind torn between the need to get back on the trail and passing out for lack of nourishment. I went after the chain first, as it would need the biggest wrench in the kit and I figured I could have a snack before finishing up the job. That's when I learned that no matter how hard I bit down on the wrench I couldn't break off a piece small enough to swallow. And lickin' the darn thing only made me more hungry! So with shaking hands I went after the oil leaks on the rocker shaft covers, figuring they would use the smallest wrench. Used a piece of old shoe I found next to a camp fire ring to make new gaskets and had 'em done up in no time. That little wrench tasted great, and my hunger pangs were quickly put to rest. The rest of the repairs were quickly dispatched, until I got to the fender and needed that little wrench again. Well the sun was headed toward the horizon and I didn't have time to wait around for the wrench to reappear, so I bent the fender stays enough to get the thing off the rear tire and got the heck out of there. A heck of an adventure, but I think I'll put a CliffBar in the tool kit for next time.

Oh, and one more thing: Be careful when you're passing the wrenches or you'll end up with chips in the crapper. My wife'll never let me hear the end of that one! (Posted on 4/1/11)
gut wrenchReview by deb
I couldn't be more satisfied with the Gut Wrench. Once I was able to choke them down, I was able to ride all day without stopping even once to eat or pee. I did run into a little problem with sparks flying off my electric jacket towards my digestive track. (Posted on 4/1/11)
Best wrenches I have ever eaten!Review by BS
I have enjoyed gut wrenches for years. They are so filling I am not hungry for days at a time (that is until nature takes it due course).
You do need to be careful not to drink to much water as the wrench begins to rust, often causing heartburn.
Thanks Aerostich for such a great product!
BS (Posted on 4/1/11)
SecurityReview by Joe Kerr
Great product, but one caution. Do not eat a gut wrench less than 24 hours before passing through airport security.
Joe Kerr (Posted on 4/1/11)
Ouch!Review by Pursang350
Tasted great! Just don't take any Mucinex with it. I runs through the system way too quick and those sharp edges are holy heck on the roids!!! (Posted on 4/1/11)
FantasticReview by Moose
May well be the best wrench I ever eat. Slight heart burn afterwards, but other than that, I couldn't be more satisfied with my first set of "Gut Wrenches" . One small "issue", try not to eat them before your sure all of your nuts are tight! (Posted on 3/8/11)