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#1567 Competition & #1549 Standard Silk Scarf

Aerostich Competition Silk Scarves #1567-1568

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Luxurious Neck Treat Review by Sjaak
The Competiton Scarve is just the right length for once-around and loose knot, or tucked in knot-less. I recommend a nice flat spread out overflip at the throat and under the collar. The double layer silk gives just the right thickness to make a compact, extra smooth seal my in my Darien collar and to give coolness when it's warm and warmth when it's cold outside. I wouldn't be without it anymore. (Posted on 9/25/14)
Competion Silk Scarf Review by Captain Glide
I have worn the standard silk scarf for over 10 years. It keeps me warm in the winter and cool in summer without bulk. It has a hole (size of a quarter) from a high speed crash. Thought I would step up to the competition version in black. So far, just awesome. (Posted on 7/4/14)
One's Good two is Better! Review by WRW9751
Bought one of these in black a year ago or so and really liked wearing it. Does a couple of things for me, keeps my neck from chaffing and quiets my helmet down considerably.
Own a white one and a black one!
I kept leaving it in my other suit and missed not having a spare. (Posted on 5/30/14)
Silk Scarves Review by Joel
I have two of these, one standard and one competition and both are excellent. I use the standard in the winter to add a layer between my neck and my stich and use the competition in the summer to keep cool by soaking it in water. The double layer of silk in the competition is excellent for this. (Posted on 5/11/14)
The best! Review by Ton Up Teddy
I like to wear a scarf in the winter as a "gasket" around my neck to seal the opening in the top of my coat or jacket. The wool ones that I previously used would stick to the whiskers on my neck and were not very comfortable. This silk scarf is "slippery" and does not stick, but at the same time keeps me quite warm. I'm going to order a couple more to keep in the pockets of other coats. (Posted on 12/18/13)
Blocks cold well Review by Michael
I have now used this scarf on a half-dozen really cold rides, some with ambient temps in the 20s, and I am very impressed. It not only fills the space between jacket and neck but also allows comfortable head-turning. I do wish it was longer but it isn't a deal-killing issue. (Posted on 12/5/13)
Slick Review by wayne
Only worn this a few times. But knew from the first I was going to like it! The only time I might have negative to say is I already have to much equipment to keep track of! You will enjoy this though! (Posted on 12/4/13)
Slick Bargain's better than a sore neck.... Review by "Professor" is my Cavalry handle,Kenneth
When I retired my Aerostitch Two Piece Riding suit, I blacked out the reflective panels to use for tactical wear in my Security Job. I recently returned it to Cyling service after alterations to adjust for 'closet shrinkage'. I knew that wool uniforms were subject to this phenomina but didn't think ripstop would be too. Totally satisfied with service and returned riding suit. I recently ordered the 'black' silk scarf to compliment my black suit. It all looks very chick and is most comfortable. Haven't as yet wind tested but I'm sure I will feel it is a bargain. Thanks for extremely fine quality at affordable prices. Will forward a photo when get one. (Posted on 11/15/13)
Not quite... Review by Javier
I had the "regular white" years ago that I loved. So much so that a couple of riding acquaintances ordered theirs after seeing mine. But.... mine mysteriously disappeared.... So I finally ordered what i thought would be bigger and better. The competition black. No so. It is about 8" too short for comfortably double loop it around my neck and have enough left to tuck in. I didn't return it for an exchange because I had used it once. Next time I order something I'll probably include a "regular" length variety. Not as thick, but fits properly. If my memory serves me.... (Posted on 12/18/12)
You won't be disappointed Review by Rex
This scarf is well worth the money. It's soft, comfortable and warm. Easy on and off and tucks away nicely into small places. (Posted on 12/12/12)

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Mil-spec 'big H' history...

Silk was so important that its trade probably changed the world history more than any other technology. The famous 'Silk Road' connected Europe to the Far East during the middle ages, and this brought together global knowledge that advanced civilization and helped begin the renaissance.

Strategic military considerations, not demand for fashionable garments, caused the establishment of this trade route. During the middle ages front-line soldiers lived, traveled and fought wearing coarse tunics and outer uniforms. Silk scarves allowed soldiers to close their protective battle (and outdoor survival) garments tightly around their necks without chafing or discomfort, so they could fight better and travel farther. This was a true battlefield advantage.

As recently as World War I this remained so. Early planes and cars were all 'open cockpit'. Soldiers still lived and campaigned outdoors for weeks at a time, and this meant wearing heavy gear. After the war civilian pilots, race car drivers, motorcyclists and movie idols (Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn...) further enshrined silk scarves as garb synonymous with bravery, courage and endurance.

Then airplanes and cars became enclosed and military dress adapted. Soft, slippery scarves became unnecessary. Silk's swashbuckler history and function was not only forgotten, it became a laughable cliché. Something only worn by old men.

The last vestiges of the silk scarf's centuries-long military role evolved into the fashion of men wearing neckties with their sport coats, blazers and business suits. Silk scarves had become decorative neckwear. (Now you know where neckties come from.)

That's sort of a sad ending for such an important habiliment -- except once again riders have rediscovered how great these scarves work when worn with modern riding gear closed tightly around one's neck. Once you've tried wearing one, you'll never look back. Make some history.

- Mr Subjective, 12-29-13


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