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#297 Roadcrafter Lightweight One Piece Suit


Emergency Rain Boot Covers

Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit #297

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Repaired suit received Review by CharlesG
I just received my repaired Roadcrafter suit—it looks great. I was also very pleased at the cost of the repairs ($153) in light of the damage to the suit.

I couldn't be more pleased -- now I just have to finish repairing my Bonneville.

(Posted on 12/23/11)
Good Suit Review by Jeff
I'd been ogling these suits for years - wish now I had just dove in back then and saved all the money I spent on interim solutions.

First let me say I don't expect one suit to be perfect year round. I want my winter suit to be storm proof. I don't want to carry rain gear in the winter. Other than winter, I expect to wear a ventilated suit and carry rain gear.

So you won't hear me complain that this suit is too hot.

The sizing app had me at a 46 Long w/ the advice that I'd have to have the legs shortened - I'm 5' 10'' 200#s 36 30 pants, 44 - 46 suit jacket. I got all the pads. They take up some room in the suit - the hip and back pad takes some space reserved for my gut. Still fits - I'm not returning it - but if i was trying it on in a store I would have gone with a bigger size. The legs are also cut a bit slim - I'm not going to have them shortened. I wear heated gear so I don't need even more space for insulated clothes - which I wouldn't have room for. When it arrived, it was dark, 37 degrees and raining - I immediately took it out for an hour ride on my most exposed bike and was very happy with it. I'm still experimenting for the optimal solution for routing the wires for the heated gear. (Posted on 12/23/11)
Excellent with Caveat! Review by CarlM
Love the suit, fits great, high quality material, fit and finish with one exception...I really do not care for the main zipper function. Extremely difficult to get started from that top position and get both lined up. Easy to get into, but lands up sometimes taking 10 minutes vs 10 secs to get zipped and ready. Hopefully it will get easier with use and any operator malfunction will disappear with experience! (Posted on 12/16/11)
Some Light, Mostly Great Review by James
Spent a long time aching over RC vs RC Light, and here's what i've found after my first full day of riding. My basis for comparison: I've owned an RC 2 piece, an Olympia two piece mesh with liners '3 season' suit, and Vanson leathers. SO here are a couple of notes that maybe haven't been noted in The reviews.

I was originally thinking about a Darien 2 piece, but no short pants and I have length-challenged lower extremities. So I focussed on RC's the like.

Before I start, though.... This suit rocks. Plain and simple. No outrageous gadgets or silly features - just what you need, and well done at that. It's truly a Roadcrafter, only light! But, in case you wonder.....

I ordered a size appropriate suit. I wear a 42 S suit coat and have a 30" inseam, and bought a 42 S suit. It's a perfect fit: not too loose, room for a thin fleece. Enough velcro at sleeves, waist and legs to tighten it up.

Material is a bit stiff: pro= doesn't flap much. Con=Hopefully it will loosen up without losing it's laminate. I've always preferred Aerostitch pads to those in the Olympia or Vanson. They are not super stiff, mold to your angles once they're in the right place and are very comfy.

Part of being light is the lack of lining. With the back and hip pads it's not small enough to fit in my pannier (Old BMW stock boxes), but definitely less bulky than the RC.

This means a couple of things......

It weighs less, which i like.

It feels a bit of the breeze that the lining would have blocked, which is cooling in the heat (only up to 50's today) but cool in the early AM frost (easily overcome with a thin fleece at 30-degrees and hwy speed).

The lack of lining also means that the pads are not in pockets and can bunch up when putting the suit on & off. Something I'm still getting used to. On the other hand, they are infinitely adjustable.

Yup the zippers are stiff. So? It's a zen moment to practice gentle strength while focusing on the ride to come ;)

The new collar rocks. Adjust-ability, warmth - a really nice feature. Same for the new pocket liner.

5) Customer service is 2 edged. The suit came missing some velcro, though a signed quality assurance card was stuffed in a pocket. Then again, they were awesome in handling the exchange, reimbursed me for shipping without question. So it's a two edged sword!

SO I am really really impressed, and so happy I pulled the trigger.
(Posted on 12/8/11)
Customer Service Review by customerservice
Hi there Desert John.

Some of the Roadcrafter alterations (but not all) are available for the Lightweight Roadcrafter. We are adding more and more of these alterations as we learn how to do them. This one (stomach gusset) is not yet available.
All customer comments are reviewed by Andy Goldfine and others here.

Customer Service. (Posted on 12/2/11)
Customer Service Review by customerservice
Hi there Charles.

Sorry to hear about your 'slide along the road'
Really glad you are in one piece and were not seriously injured.
Send your suit in, we'll take a look at it for you and let you know what can be done.
Mark the box "Attention Jeff The Repair Guru" and he'll put his magical powers of repair to work on your suit :-)

Customer Service. (Posted on 11/26/11)
Saved my skin last week Review by CharlesG
I loved this suit before I ventured out last Thursday morning at 6:20 on my way to work. It had rained the evening before and the leaves that were on the trees two nights before were now in the street. I came to an intersection on a back road and pressed on my brakes. My bike hit the wet leaves and slide out from under me at 30 miles-per-hour.

My Roadcrafter and I slid through the intersection. I tore through the left knee (I had the additional pads), rolled on my back, and and tore an additional two holes. The only abrasion I had was on my left wrist between the suit and my glove -- very small.

Although I am still sore, and my bike needs some extensive repairs, my skin and my clothing are intact.

I will send my suit back for repairs. If it can't be repaired, I will order another one. (Posted on 11/25/11)
Superior equipment Review by Chris
I have had the new suit for several months now, about 3000 commuting miles. The “light” is still a bit hot for city commuting at 90F, but once you are moving the venting works ok. Totally rain proof and warm, I have had the suit down to 40F in the rain with just a fleece with no problems. The new RIRI zippers are great at their job, but they do grab fabric and bind up. I have already broken the pull off mine, a key ring fixed me up. Just go slow and don’t try to clear a bind with force. I would send it in for repair and alterations (the sleeves are a bit long) but I cannot live without it. If you live south of the Mason-Dixon, the “light” may not be light enough for the dog days of summer but for everyone else, it’s a year round good time. (Posted on 11/3/11)
No alterations a no no Review by Desert John
I truly love my old Roadcrafter. It's broken in nicely so that it almost feels like a lightweight. I really like the newer Lightweight Roadcrafter but I find I cannot buy one because Aerostich does not manufacture it and therefore told me they cannot perform alterations. My 5-year-old Roadcrafter required (sadly for me) the full gusset expansion around my tummy. If suddenly Aerostich changed its policy and added this option I'd be on the new Lightweight One Piece Suit in a heartbeat. Are you listening Andy? (Posted on 9/11/11)
roadcrafternlight Review by steve
I have one of the first of these suits. I also have the orginal. I ride a Goldwing and Triumph Tiger. The suit is well made but the zippers are very stiff and the suit is much harder to put on without the lining. It is also very warm unless you're riding at hwy speeds at temps over 80 degrees. It feels much lighter than the original and packs easier but don't know how it will perform in a crash. I hope RC improves the ventilation. I have to wear mesh in the heat which is a big compromise. Don't how the long distance folks do it. (Posted on 9/5/11)

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