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#297 Roadcrafter Lightweight One Piece Suit


Emergency Rain Boot Covers

Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit #297

34 Review(s)

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Aerostich Customer Service Review by customerservice
Sorry you experienced a leak at the main zipper in your Roadcrafter light. Even though these suits are represented as being ‘waterproof’ it is possible to get wet still. The cause sometimes involves how the suit folds across one’s lap. If the folds are arranged to pool or gutter water (…runoff from the front of the garment) at this area, some leakage may occur, regardless of Nikwax or Zipper lube aplications. Even a very small amount of water entry can cause a fairly large wetted area. When entering strong rain, it is important to avoid folds that will pool directly above the zipper. Call with questions 218.722.1927 – Customer Service (Posted on 9/17/13)
Waterproof Review by Tonopah
I rode with my Roadcrafter Light through an AZ rainstorm last night. I ride a BMW R1200GS so it is an upright riding position. The suit kept me dry except for the dreaded crotch leak -- same thing I always got with my regular Roadcrafter one piece. The Light is supposed to be waterproof and I was really disappointed. I will use Nikwax and more zipper lube but it appears I cannot trust this suit to keep me dry in the rain. If I have to carry a rainsuit, I may as well just wear my leathers.
(Posted on 9/7/13)
After 2 years Review by Transalp
I have this suit about 2 years now and have used it about 30 times, all short commutes under the rain.

3 comments 2 are minor but the last would require repair.

1. the heat seam on the little pouch containing the collar button magnet has come undone after repeated cycles of use. I am guessing the magnet is so good that it actually pulled the heat seam apart and i found it out of the pouch and stuck on its mating surface. Else i would have lost it! I used super glue as a dirty fix and no issues there after.

2. the fabric around the inner elbows have started leaking a little but still holding up well compared to many other suits (BMW, AXO, Hein Gericke, etc) i've tried. note that i ve never performed any maintenance or reproofing of the suit. Use, dry, fold, store, and repeat.

3. Some of the beefy plastic zipper teeth on the main zipper has deformed with use and rendered the suit unzipperable and unsuable. This i ll have to get repaired unfortunately. I heard though that after the initial batches they now have a better quailty zipper.

Even with all these and before the last one. the suit was very good and performed as advertised! (Posted on 6/11/13)
Great suit Review by Ben
I got the high-vis RC Light with pads, including hip pads and competition back pads. I only have about 1,000 miles on the suit, but it has changed the way I ride. I don't even think about gear anymore. 45 degrees? Suit. 90 degrees? Suit.

I've read forum posts where people were skeptical of the light because it's imported. Don't be. The build quality is flawless.

I like the lighter weight fabric with no lining. With the pads, it's a great balance of protection and lightness.

Aerostich did initially forget to build my suit until I called to check on it because the suit got misclassified as an exchange. They initially sent me the standard back pad instead of the competition. But when each of these issues came up, they quickly made things right. The suit got built in 2 days, and they sent me the right back bad with a return shipping label for the other one.

Get one. (Posted on 6/5/13)
Good kit, but it could be improved Review by MCM
I've had my 'light' a couple of months now & have used it in various conditions. Most people have covered the good points and since I mostly agree, there's no point in being repetitious. Here's what I haven't liked: the armor. The armor itself is OK, but I think the suit design would be vastly improved if the armor fit into pockets, the problem that being that I in putting the suit on an edge of the armor often gets caught on my boot or folds over my shoulder. The hip pads are the worst: they're too bulky, block access to what you're wearing underneath your suit, and just feel awkward and uncomfortable. After wearing ht em a couple of times I took them out...a waste of $$ in my opinion.
One suggestion that I have for a suit accessory would be a skullcap style hood that had snaps that mated to the snaps on the collar. This would be a great boon in winter riding in keeping wind from getting down your back and would also keep the rain out. Perhaps Aerostich will consider making 2 versions of such a skull cap: a fleece winter version and a coolmax style summer version; both waterproof, of course. (Posted on 5/7/13)
Awesome Suit! Paying for Itself. Review by Todd
Suit keeps out the cold and rain perfectly, allowing me to commute on days that I would not have in the past. Working in Boston, parking a car costs an arm and a leg - but the Roadcrafter Light keeps me riding to work far later in the Winter and on rainy days when the temp is warmer.
Suit is easy to put on and take off, but definitely read the instructions before attempting as it is anything but intuitive. I agree that zippers are stiff (I didn't get any lube with my suit) but they also seem like they will last longer than the exterior material - which should last many years itself.
I used the "sizing tool" offered by Aerostich to determine the size. I then emailed back and forth with the sizing person with a couple questions and due to large shoulders chose a slightly different size than originally proposed, but very happy with the experience.
Have not yet ridden with it in very warm temps (79F yesteday was fine) but it will not surprise me if, like other reviewers, suit seems overly warm in high temps. But that wasn't my intent when purchasing.
Couldn't be happier with the suit. (Posted on 4/25/13)
Two Stich's Review by A&P
Light vs Regular; I've had the pleasure to own both...I gave the original to my son last fall and recently bought the Light for NE Florida.
I've waited to log about 3000 miles on my naked before reviewing the new Light. The goretex material took some getting used to when gearing up. Boots get hung up and the main zipper is a perfect alignment or I struggle with it 2 or 3 times. Maybe after 5 years of use like my regular it'll loosen up. I ridden in downpours and the Light seals up perfectly. Now that it's getting warmer and I want some airflow, I've found the suit traps air. You just can't open the sleeve end zippers without fully opening the back flap. Or, you feel like the Michelin man. Same is true for the neck...snug it up and airflow to rear of suit stops. This maybe a combination of riding a bike with NO windscreen and the suit being completely air tight. Either way, it's a pain to keep adjusting sleeves and neck closures. Although I had none of these issues with the regular Stich, I'm not ready to trade...just yet. If it still feels like a sail after i install the Ztechnic screen...look on ebay. With hot, humid weather right around the corner, we'll see how the Light vent system works. I really like the reduced weight and bulk when it comes time to roll up and put in saddle bag. I'm 5-8 and ordered a 38L...the extra length in the sleeves and legs helps cover more of my boots and allows for a shorter glove gauntlet in the summer. It's roomy enough to layer for the 3 months of North Florida winter and hopefully some circulation in the heat. (Posted on 4/15/13)
And it works in Oz too! Review by Peter
Had the crafter for only a few weeks, and have worn it maybe ten times.
Easy on, easyoff, is definitely true!
Nice and toasty when worn over other riding gear when the temp got down to 5 degrees (c), and is easy enough to consider wearing all the time.
Will be winter soon, and I can try out the waterproofing on my way to work.
Have tried almost every cheap version of riding gear, now its time to try out the stich.
Update will come after winter!
(Posted on 4/6/13)
First season Review by Deacon51
Aerostich Roadcrafter Light – I have used this suit for ~5,000 miles now. I picked it late in the spring and have used it from 40 degrees to 90+, in sun, rain and thunderstorms.

The Good… the new zippers are waterproof and have held up even in rain that had cars pulling to the side of the road with hazards on. The material is strong and well put together; I have no fear of busting the seams in a get off. Padding is held in place by large industrial strength Velcro patches and provides good coverage, though I recommend the optional hip and back pads. When worn the pads lay in to place and don’t move around at all. Upper body venting is great with a back vent that runs from shoulder to shoulder and large underarm vents. 90 degrees is no issue with the vents opened, sleeves un-cuffed and collar rolled down.

The Bad… The new waterproof zippers are stiff and can bind, Aerostich provides a small tub of lube with the suit that helps, but still, it can be a pain when you’re on a ride and can get your zipper down to take a leak. As good as the venting is for the upper body, the legs have no airflow at all, and they get HOT. I have found myself sticking my feet out in the wind to try and get a little relief. While riding in 85 degree heat, it’s best to leave the stich at home and wear mesh gear. Another issue is that when it’s cool outside the pads get stuff, if you are like me and leave your gear in a unheated garage, the stiff pads can add several seconds to the 10 second time.

The bottom line… I love my 'stich. I think I’m happier with the Light version than I would have been with the full version. Build quality appears just as good as the full version made in the USA. The lighter weight material and lack of a liner make the suit easier to use commuting. It packs smaller and, I suspect allows for better venting in warm weather. On the down side, the light version does not have as much abrasion protection and not as warm when it’s cool out, but it’s easy to add a fleece under the suit and you can use the cost savings to buy the back and hip pads. I give the Aerostich Roadcrafter Light 8 out of 10. Some venting on the legs would make a world of difference and turn Aerostich light into a true all weather riding suit. (Posted on 1/21/13)
Home Run Review by Michael
Over the years I have owned every design of Aerostich suit/jacket/pants made. I started with the one piece back in the 80's when I lived in Albuquerque, but when I moved to the midwest it was just too hot to wear in the summer. I then went to the two piece and just wore the jacket in the worst of the heat....still pretty hot but better than the one piece. Then I went to the Darien....I now own two Darien's, can't own to much Aerostich gear....I love the Darien, but have the same problem with heat in the summer now that I'm living in Arizona. I found myself ridng with the Darian jacket but with a pair of jeans because of the heat ....not the smartest thing to do. Finally, the One Piece Light, the best of all worlds. Being a one piece, you WILL wear it and have great protection year round. In the summer a pair of shorts and a T shirt under the Light and I'm good to go. I can be off the bike and out of the suit in 10 seconds or less. When it's 115 degrees in Lake Havasu City or Las Vegas, getting out of the suit in a hurry is important. In what we call winter here, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt under the Light and I'm good as long as I stay out of the high country. I still have the two Dariens and my second new Two Piece hanging in the closet if I ever have the need, but the One Piece Light is pretty much the best of all worlds. I've lived and toured all over the country and I believe the Light to be the best riding gear I have ever used. Aerostich has hit a home run with this suit.....

Mike In Arizona, AKA
Long distance Rider (Posted on 12/4/12)

Items 1 to 10 of 34 total

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