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Falstaff Pants

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Customer Reviews (6)

Falstaff PantsReview by Neco
Just got my new Falstaff pants and tried them out riding in temperatures in the mid 40sF. Great pants and very comfortable over my jeans. So glad I got them. I purchased size 38 to go over my size 36 jeans. Perfect!
(Posted on 12/2/17)
Awesome pant worth the wait.Review by BOG
These pants will only work for you if you like perfect. I've had'em all - Klim to Rukka and like I said...if you like perfect, buy them. (Posted on 2/28/17)
Great comfort but not 100% waterproofReview by Guy
I recently ordered a pair of Falstaff pants, complete with an extra 5” on the leg to fit my tall skinny frame. I was very happy when they arrived. For the first time I had a pair of waterproof pants that are breathable and actually fit. The threat of rain no longer meant that I had to go out looking like a clown without a circus or a man in fear of biblical floods. I could also wear them all day, rain or shine. The pants arrived, as promised by the helpful Stephanie and complete with modifications, in time for my first tour of Colorado. Finding something that fitted my lanky frame (170 lb - 6’2”) was an expensive endeavor ($640 inc. mods and delivery) but initially I was very pleased.
On hot days I wore sweat shorts and cooler days sweat pants underneath which worked well. I really could wear these things all day; it’s like wearing a pair of jeans. The knees are pre-bent and come with additional material to accommodate the knee armor. However, the armor supplied is old school and much bulkier than the new Forcefield stuff I use. I found the knees to be the only baggy part of the pants. Other than that the fit is excellent and even on the hotter, valley roads the pants breathed well. The real disappointment came with our first real rainfall. It was a short but violent storm and within 5 minutes the pants started leaking through the crotch so that after a short time it felt like I was sitting in a shallow pool of water. This was the only leaking I experienced but I am disappointed. I have an old Belstaff wax jacket that has never once leaked and assumed these would be the same – they are not.
(Posted on 6/16/15)
pants are great!Review by Gary
please look at my review of the jacket as well. I shall try not to repeat too much here. Love the pants after using for several months and a just completed long trip.

Firstly, they are comfortable with one minor exception (explained later) in the heat, wind and rain. Stayed dry after a full day of riding in torrential rains. Opened up the pant side zips to allow air flow during the high 80's temps. Not sure I would want to wear in the 100 degree temps but ok up 85-90 range. Good wind protection allowed me to wear cargo shorts underneath in all kinds of crazy rain/wind conditions.

Only comment (which I'm not sure is the pant problem) is that during a particularly hot day, I rode with just underwear and the pants. At the end of the day, I had a slight burn or sore spot on the inner thighs so switched to adding the cargo pants on subsequent days.

Otherwise, they are comfortable and exactly what I need for the Pacific Northwest and 3+ riding seasons. I am too lazy to carry and manage putting on/taking off more several layers. I like easy!!! I hope this review helps.
BTW, I had the velcro for the leg maps taken off and the reflective bits. (Posted on 5/20/14)
Great pants!Review by Albert
These are awesome pants - I bought mine in July and it has been hot. I can still wear them and they are comfortable. They break the wind yet breath enough to not get as hot as nylon or certainly Gore-Tex.
They fit very well - I have a 33" waist and can wear the 34" pants over street jeans or shorts, or by themselves. There is a snap side gusset to slightly change the waist size. The regular length fits my 31" inseam perfectly. The padded knees are comfortable and the overall fit and shape is just right.
They look good and are well made and from my experience with Filson waxed "tin" pants - waxed cotton is durable.
Expensive - yes, but pants this good will be worn more than they will languish in the closet like some others. (Posted on 7/16/13)
The Pants of KingsReview by Prosecco
Holy Luxury Tax, Batman!
Five-hundred dollars for a pair of pants?? Yup. Almost five-fifty with alterations. So what do you get for that sort of money? In my case, I got the most comfortable, best wearing, most practical pair of motorcycle pants I've ever owned.

How about a pair of motorcycle pants you don't want to take off at the end of the day...that's what these are.

Waxed cotton might not be as waterproof as gore-tex or as abrasion resistant as leather, but it's infinitely more comfortable than either of them. Pulling these on is like pulling on a well worn pair of levis that you never bothered to wash, except they don't make you smell like a homeless person.

I have a Darien Jacket that I've used and loved for years, but when I tried the Darien Pants I just didn't like the feel of them. Too rigid, too hot, too stiff. I decided to pony up the extra money for the Falstaff Pants and I couldn't be happier. Makes me wish the Falstaff Jacket was around when I ordered my Darien.

I don't know how they do in the rain, but frankly I don't care. I rarely ride in the rain, and for as comfortable as they are I'll happily accept something less waterproof than gore-tex.

In short, they're a hell of a lot of money, but they're also really, really nice. And hey, paying the credit card bill only hurts once. Having pants you don't really like hurts every time you pull them on. At least that's what I keep telling myself. (Posted on 9/6/12)