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Aerostich Waxed Cotton Letter Bag

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Customer Reviews (2)

Three years on...Review by Squish
About three years ago, I ordered up my dadbag, my murse, my mini messenger.
It's been used nearly every day since I've gotten it.

Waxed cotton in brown, reflective delete.
I wanted a bag that looked rugged but fashionable something I could carry the stuff of modern life. Being a former bicycle messenger I was familiar with concept of these bags.

Overall a decent solid bag, that is right there in the mix.
There's some details that have always bugged me.
There was a line where the reflective normally goes, maybe something left over from the manufacturing, or maybe an oversight but it looked funky when the bag was new, not so much anymore.
Waxed cotton develops a very nice worn look, and it looks great, until it's just about ready to be worn out.
Edges start to unravel, corners wear through to the line.
Theres a funky fold on the liner of mine that has lead to some funky wear lines in the cotton on the outside of the bag.
The velcro patch is too big, but I just put some velcro backed patches over the loop and it keeps it closed without making it a pain to use.
The plastic buckle is slight proud of the edges and it's easy to snag the strap on something and have the buckle open up dropping the bag to the end of it's strap length.

Overall a decent bag, and I'd be tempted to buy one again when the current bag wears out, which it looks like will happen around 2017 (Posted on 9/28/16)
Waxed Cotton Letter BagReview by Rick
I've had my letter bag about a month now. Quality is top notch, this is going to last for years. It is large enough to hold the stuff that usually goes in my pockets, plus my cell phone, small tablet computer, camera, and back-up battery recharger, with some room left over, all in one place. I tried it over the shoulder for a short ride, and it works well, but mostly it stays either in my tank bag, or saddle bags.

This would be excellent for someone with a naked or sport bike without much in the way of luggage. Also works well if you want to lug your expensive electronics with you when off your bike. It is some work to pack it up, and finding stuff in there is not as easy as reaching in a pocket, and it does take space in my luggage. I'm not sure if I will continue to use it on all rides, or just when I have my saddlebags off, and otherwise lock the electronics in saddlebags and go around with overstuffed pockets?

I have used it mainly on the bike, but have gone walking around with it a few times. It was nice to be able to tuck in a few small purchases. My wife told me I couldn't put it over my neck as it made me look gay. I told her it just made me look like one of the super nerds from Big Bank Theory. (Posted on 10/16/13)