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Women's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

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#488 Roll and Carry 1 Piece Roadcrafter

Water Resistant Zipper Testing

Emergency Rain Boot Covers

Women's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit #305

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Stich Roadcrafter Review by Cheri
My husband and I wear our Stich Roadcrafter one piece suits riding all over the country, in all conditions! I always feel confident in the safety performance of my suit! My roadcrafter suit is safety first and comfort the extra bonus! Thank you Aerostich for the quality gear!!!
(Posted on 1/17/14)
Suit Saved My Life Review by June
I have been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years with no accidents. My husband purchased a roadcrafter suit for me last Christmas. I left Asheville, NC in September for a ride across the South. Unfortunately in Arkansas on the 23 of September, a lady in a large truck turned left in front of me. I found myself on the pavement sliding. This suit, along with a great Arai helmet and held gloves saved me from death. I walked away. I'd recommend it to anyone! (Posted on 12/14/13)
Women's Roadcrafter Fitting Review by Jean
Went up to Duluth to be fitted the day the size 8 was done. I wear a size 4 in street clothes & was afraid it would be too big, but it was perfect. I chose to go with the optional hip and back pads for added protection and with the velcro straps at the waist cinched in, I still look like a girl. I am looking forward to be able to commute to work in my suit next summer! Also, as others have mentioned often, the staff went out of their way to make sure it was fitted correctly while I sat on my bike. If you are considering this suit, you won't be disappointed.
(Posted on 12/2/12)

3 Item(s)

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How to Get a Functional, Comfortable One-Piece Suit Fit:

Start with your height and body length…For a person’s given overall height, some will have longer-bodies-with-shorter-legs, and others have shorter-bodies-with-longer-legs. And after a suit is sewn and assembled, essentially, there is no simple way to then make your suit’s torso length (the distance from crotch to collar) either shorter or longer. A few specialized alterations can help slightly, but they are Band-Aids.

Garage mechanics and others who wear coveralls for a living know a lowish crotch and baggy seat means they’ll be able to raise their arms upward fully and comfortably. When you do this arm-raising, the torso section of a riding suit slides upwards about 1.5". The shoulder pads pull it that way. When you lower your arm the torso should slide back downward.

If you are a borderline size, part-way between an ‘S’ (short) and an ‘R’ (regular), go with the longer body length of the ‘R’. And if you are between an ‘R’ and an ‘L’ (long), go with the longer body of the ‘L’. Consider the extra body length of an ‘R’ or an ‘L’ in each size, which is about 1.3" more than that of an ‘S’ or an 'R' if you are between lengths and ride a sport bike or want maximum freedom-of-movement. Then adjust/alter leg and sleeve length as needed to your size. For a comfortable coverall fit, with your raised arms out to your side and horizontal (both at the same time), you should still have slight room at the crotch.

The suit’s torso, sleeve and leg diameters are exactly the same for each ‘S’, ‘R’ and ‘L’ version of a particular size. For example, the 38S, 38L and 38R dimensions around your body are identical. The circumferences of legs, sleeve and torso are the same.

The suit’s leg lengths are correct if, when standing normally, the hem breaks (wrinkles) slightly against the front of your riding boot, just above the foot’s arch, and the top edge of the TF knee impact armor cup is positioned near the center of your kneecap. Then, as you sit on your bike, the hem will rise about 1.5” and the knee armor cup will slide upward and center itself over your bent knee.

The suit’s sleeves are the correct length if, when standing normally with your arms hanging loosely by your sides, they end about mid-way between your knuckles and your wrist, measured at the back of your hand. The center of the TF impact armor elbow cup should be centered on, or very slightly below, your elbow.

Specialized Motorcycle Configuration Considerations:

For comfort with low handle bars and higher positioned rear set footrests, all one-piece riding suits fit better with the ‘Extra Forward Rotated Sleeve’ alterations, and may also benefit from an ‘ellipse’ added to the center of the back. In addition, an ‘expanded knee’ alteration is available which provides slightly more space for knee armor when knees are bent more sharply.

For active off-road riding requiring maximum freedom-of-movement and upper-arm ease, underarm ‘V’ gussets may be added to increase upper sleeve diameter and provide extra room across upper chest and shoulder areas.


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