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Michael Carion - 2013

Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket #170

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Customer Service Review by customerservice
Ref: Tombo
We have contacted this customer and are fixing the lining of his jacket at no charge. Somehow it was mis-manufactured.
Customer service. (Posted on 4/13/11)
Great Jacket- fits a bit different than other jackets Review by PDXJack
I currently live in the Pacific Northwest. It is known to rain a bit here. Riding year round offers me the opportunity to field test the waterproof abilities of riding apparel. Even after a few hours of riding in the rain the jacket is waterproof and warm. Shake it out before you go inside or you end up with a puddle on the floor (trust me). After you shake out the jacket it is almost dry- very impressive. The only challenge I had was fit. I am 5'11" and weigh 175lbs (my shirt size is 16/33). I ordered a medium based on the reviews but it was too narrow in the shoulders and the sleeve length was too short. Customer service on the return was excellent (thanks aerostich!). The large fits great across the shoulders and sleeve length is perfect but it is a bit loose across the chest and waist. Not a big deal if you layer a fleece jacket or electric vest underneath. The jacket doesn't flap or get caught in the breeze due to the weight of the waxed cotton, even on a naked bike. Overall I am happy with the jacket- very comfortable. I like the "old school" look and comfort of waxed cotton. My textile jacket is spending more time in the closet. The Falstaff is more comfortable and just as waterproof. (Posted on 4/11/11)
Best jacket MC jacket I've ever owned! Review by Holeshot
Been riding over 30 years have owned two Road Crafter 2 piece suits, a Darien, and have had my Falstaff for about five years. Best MC jacket I've ever owned. It is totally waterproof, rugged and comfortable. You will not be dissapointed. (Posted on 4/7/11)
Eight out of Ten Stars... Review by Tombo
This is my first Aerostitch garment.

I've been drooling over the Falstaff pics for the past couple of years, and this winter I finally decided to pick one up. I wore it sans armor as an every day jacket while there was 4 feet plus of snow on the ground here in Jersey and very little riding to be had. The jacket is extremely comfortable and fit me perfectly. Once the temps headed into the 30s I was back out on the bike and the armor was back in the jacket. First thing I noticed was how comfortable the jacket is on the bike, but off the bike and walking around I don't like the feel of the shoulder armor. The jacket really fits nice, so I don't think it's a fitment issue, but when off the bike the shoulder armor really presses down on my shoulders. While it's not completely uncomfortable, it's an annoyance. Also, and I'm not super concerned with how I look while riding (I'll take safety over 'looking cool' anyday), but with the armor in the jacket it just looks very goofy on me. In profile view it gives me a very puffy looking hunchback and weirdly forward sloping shoulders. But like I said, looks are one thing, safety is another.

With my complaints aside, I do really like this jacket. The waxed cotton is a great material and the storage in this jacket is unparalleled. You'll never run out of pockets, and if you do you'll find another empty one that you forgot about. The inside of the collar is the most comfortable I've owned. And the double end zipper makes sitting crouched simple without the jacket riding up.

Like I said this is my first Aerostitch jacket and while I'm not blown away, I'm definitely a satisfied customer. (Posted on 3/20/11)
Crash Performance Review by Mike
So, I've had my jacket since June 2010, and reading through these reviews I saw a comment or two wondering about the crash performance of this jacket. Well, I was taken out by an out of control car last night. I was accelerating through about 40 mph when a car skidded across two lanes at excessive speeds and side-swiped me. I was airborne and then sliding on the pavement for about twenty feet after landing. Long story short, the armor was awesome, and the abrasion resistance also good. The road burned through some of the waxed cotton, but it held up as good as the nylon cordura suits I've seen post crash. Any crash like that is going to cause damage to the jacket, so don't expect "man of steel" performance. The best thing I can say about this jacket is that after the insurance claims are settled, I'm either sending mine in for repair or getting another just like it. It saved my ass...period. (Posted on 2/13/11)
All-purpose townie coat Review by WPZ
I've had mine about three years and it's the jacket I wear in town. (Not too keen about giving up the Roadcrafter protection on the country roads!).
Oddly, it never rains when I wear it; it's only been wet twice but did well.
In winter when there's no riding, I pull out the armor and use it as a winter coat.
I had the reflective and velco deleted for that reason; however, most of the unnecessary velcro was on the jacket anyway and I had to take it off myself.
The above comment about running large in the size is true: I'd figure to be an XL, and was advised so at the store. However, when we were there getting my wife's Roadcrafter measured, I tried a Large and it's just fine. (I'd normally be a 46 or 48).
I'd be curious to hear about crash results from some actual, if unfortunate, experience. (Posted on 10/12/10)
Great jacket period Review by 350B
Had my Falstaff for around 5 years, it is fantastic in rain and heat.

Left it on a bus in Italy a few days before the Milan-Taranto - gutted, I wanted my jacket to experience the crazy race as well. Ended up borrowing my old man's Falstaff that he luckily had spare.

I will be getting another. (Posted on 8/25/10)
Best Jacket So Far Review by Erik Hoover
I purchased a Falstaff in early Spring this year to replace my 1-pc Roadcrafter. Far more comfortable than any other motorcycle jacket I've owned. I've worn it in a range of temperatures from 30s to 90s, rain or shine and it's superior to the Roadcrafter. I even had an opportunity to crash-test it last month and it did remarkably well (although the incident was perhaps 20-30mph) -nary a scuff and the armor did the job well.

I try to buy local whenever I can so the fact that it's made here in MN is a bonus and it's a stylish alternative to classic leather. My only complaint is that they don't make waxed cotton pants -I'd buy a pair based off the AD1s in a heartbeat. (Posted on 7/2/10)
Great coat!! Review by Whofungpu
276 miles of pounding rain and not a drop got through. It does have to dry out after a wet ride, but I made it through the event, including a few rainy days, and the ride home with not a drop getting in. I really didn't expect it to perform like my textile coats, but I am glad I was wrong. Sizing chart said I was a large. Had to return it for the medium. (5'8" 190lbs) (Posted on 6/14/10)
waxed cotton Rules! Review by gmengel
I bought my Falstaff in 2005 and it's till going strong! I wear it winter and summer, and never worry about precip getting in. Waxed cotton works GREAT!
It's heavy and the collar won't stay closed, but I rarely zip all the way up to my chin anyhow so I usually don't care. Big secure pockets and good venting - it's nice inside!
If you live in a dusty place, get the waxing kit. It'll give you something to do when the snows get deep. (Posted on 6/3/10)

Items 21 to 30 of 40 total

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