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Aerostich Rideable Days Poster

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Customer Reviews (2)

BogusReview by RedHawk47
This map if totally bogus; eliminating a day because the high or low temperature is beyond a certain value! There are many days in Denver that the low may be 20 but it warms to 50 or more - great riding. and in the southwest, it may get above 95 but the early morning hours are wonderful. But, 300+ days in New England and the mid-west? What about snow and ice? Why do riders living there put their bikes away for the winter? We don't in Colorado. (Posted on 12/28/17)
Motor-vationReview by Hop Along
At the start of a New Year I wanted to share my little Aerostich story...
I've been an avid motorcyclist for about 12 years now, in addition to my first motorcycle with about 146,000 miles I also regularly ride a nice lil Honda CRF230F. Between these two bikes, I've ridden in just about any weather you can imagine except hurricanes. (Tornadoes? I live in Oklahoma....)
I'd been cruising with traditional leathers, which were fantastic. But they had no impact protection. And they were only good in rainy conditions up to a point. Then I was given the free gift of motor-vation at a Dallas area Aerostich pop up event where I tried on your gear for the first time, leading to a Transit Jacket and Darien pants purchase. (They make a great team... really) What is this free gift you ask?

The "How Many Days Would You Like To Ride" map.

See, I'm from Ohio. I was astonished at the suggestion that there were more Riding Days in Northeastern Ohio than in Oklahoma City. So this map got me thinking... and realizing that I've always ridden my dirt bike on the snowy/icy days and the Magna the rest of the time. I realized I could have fun with this... and prove your map wrong!!

This map proved to be motor-vation in January 2015 to set a New Years Goal: average riding 6 days a week, all year long. I ride for groceries. I ride to commute to work. I ride the CRF to Lake Stanley Draper for the single track (highly recommended). In March I rode the Magna from OKC to the Florida Keys in 3 days to visit friends for 2 days... and ride back in 3.5 days (friends in New Orleans... you know who you are). All of this is made more enjoyable with my Transit jacket and Darien pants. I don't have to pack rain gear. How awesome! More room for the hammock tent.... but I digress.

Some days obviously are longer riding days. Some, much shorter. But that's okay. I have a healthier state of mind all day when I know I get to ride home. My coworkers are jealous. So are my friends! I get to see family in far away states, and my nieces think I'm pretty cool. And I will ride in just about any kind of weather there is... because I have confidence in my bikes, I get regular training (shout out to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Motorcycle Division!!), and my gear just plain rocks.

So about that Motor-vation? I need to update my copy of that map... 2015 saw me taking only 42 days off from riding over the course of the year. (Insert Douglas Adams reference here....) And I look forward to more of the same in 2016!

So thank you to the many friends that hear me brag about my riding frequency; to friends and family that play host; to Honda, of course :-); and especially to Aerostich. How Many Days Would *You* Like to Ride?
Scott 'Hop Along' Henkels (Posted on 1/12/16)