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Aerostich Waterwerks Kit - NikWax

Aerostich Waterwerks Kit - NikWax

Product Review (submitted on October 5, 2011):
This purchase was a comedy of errors. Not knowing what the best product was to re-waterproof my Aerostich suit, I asked an employee. He recommended this product. I ordered it, on its arrival I noticed that there were 2 bottles of water proofing and none of the pre-wash (which is what is recommended.). So, I called back and the lady that answered said, "oh sorry for the misinformation but you can use regular laundry soap, just rinse the garment twice." So, I went ahead and washed and rinsed the garment. Then, I went to use the Nikwax and the instruction were in French. So, I called back and the nice lady said, "the instruction are on the bottle jsut pull the French instructions off (not very clear that I had to do this.) So I found the English instructins but they were translated from French into giberish English. So, I called the nice lady again and asked for an interpretation. She was not sure but after I read her the instuctions she was as confused as I was. So I just did my best and used the wash in. I now assume that the waterproofing is in effect. I do have an extra bottle of NikWax which I guess I'll save and use 4 or 5 years from now. I was NOT SATISFIED with the total experience.

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