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Expedition Dry Duffel

Expedition Dry Duffel

Product Review (submitted on October 5, 2011):
I was headed for a 4-day, 1,000 mile trip and thought that maybe I should gear up a little more securely than just attaching duffel bags to my bike with bungee cords. So, I grabbed a medium sized bag along with some frame loops at the last minute.

They worked exactly as advertised: A very secure fit to the bike; a lot of expandable room; water-tight (though it was only a drizzle); and I think very reasonably priced.

For my particular bike, the put-on/take-off process is a little bit tedious, as I don't have convenient places to run the straps to cinch it down to the bike. So, I needed to add some frame loops which made the whole process a little more complicated. Still, I'd say that once you have everything adjusted the way you need it, you're on your way in under 10 minutes.

All-in-all, a great bag at a reasonable price......and infinitely better than trying to jury-rig something up on your own.