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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on October 10, 2011):
I've had my new one piece suit for almost a month and the quality is really remarkable. I Love the variety of pockets, and with the vents I've been able to ride in fairly warm weather (85) with no problem. I would like to see vents in the legs, though. as warmth collects there and is sort of "trapped" by the knee pads.

I will leave for a 10 day trip very soon, into much cooler, and rainy weather. I think the suit will be great for this as every opening seals up well and the material seems to shed water well.

The only disappointment I've had is with sizing. From all the other posts, I got the idea that the company really prides themselves on sizing, yet I can't apparently get a suit to fit well.

I started with a size 38, which is one size bigger than my normal jacket size, to accommodate a set of cloths plus the addition of heated clothing. Without the heated clothing the suit fits pretty well, but the arms are snug, and the crotch is about 1/2" to "high". Aerostitch says these aren't things they can alter.

With the addition of heated clothing I feel overly restricted and have to work hard to keep the sleeves from my shirt from balling up as I put my arms into the suit. Once I have the suit on I feel like a mummy wrapped in tight cloth.

I talked to the company about this and they very quickly sent me the next size up. This solved the problems I just mentioned, but honestly this size suit is actually too big.

It hangs on me and I can tell that in the warmer months, whenI don't have layered clothing, it's going to be way too baggy.

I compared the dimensions of the two suits very carefully and determined that really I need a suit between the two suits. The two suits I have are a 38 and a 40. I'm convinced that a 39 would be "perfect" but alas the company says they can't produce a 39. Furthermore, they can't shrink a 40 down to a 39 and they can only partially "grow" a the 38.

This all vexes me. How hard can it be for them to offer in-between sizes? Fear a $900 piece of clothing you'd think you could get it to fit darned near "exactly" right, not just "sort-of" right.

Here's hoping someone there is listening and realizes that not everyone is going to fit into their predetermined set of sizes.

Sadly, aer