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Small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Product Review (submitted on October 10, 2011):
I purchased this bag for two reasons. The first is that I was not happy with several other rack bags that I have used and wanted to try something better. The second was that I had planned a 5-day trip from Denver to sight see in South Dakota.

I really like the bag and it worked well, once I decided the best way to anchor it to rack on the back of my H-D Fat Bob. The mounting belt system seemed a little much for my applications, so I opted not to use it. I ended up using 4-cable ties. I ran one through the male ends of the buckles and then around the outside bars on the rack at each corner of the bag. Once they were cinched down, the bag was securely attached and travel was no problem.

I found the bag to be a little small, even with the ends expanded for the 5-day trip. I may end up buying a second small bag where I will have plenty of room for long trips. I think that I will be able to mount the second bag to the passenger seat when I need the extra capacity.

The single bag works great for day trips and long weekend trips around home. I highly recommend it!