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Aerostich Lane Share Tool

Aerostich Lane Share Tool

Product Review (submitted on October 26, 2011):
Last month me and the wife are on our way out to southwest Wisconsin to host our annual vintage motorcycle rally. We're in my old Dodge B3500, loaded heavy with party supplies, coolers, tools, riding gear and our bikes. Got my buddy Scott's Morini 500 on the back. We're cruising along and I'm channeling Han Solo - "Drive casual!" Don't want any entanglements with the Wisconsin State Police. This guy on a BMW passes us on the left and I give him a thumbs up, we'd rather be riding but we have obligations as the hosts of a party for 100+ people.

As he goes by his license plate folds down and he displays the "THIS IS MY CAR" sign. I was kinda insulted. I'm glad to read it wasn't intentional.

And I agree with you on the lane sharing thing. Your "be the marble" analogy is a great way to explain it.