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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Jacket

Men's Roadcrafter Classic Jacket

Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2011):
There are many positives comments I could extend about this garment and a few less positive ones. By reading this review what are you looking to learn, like myself the first time I thought about buying a Roadcrafter jacket, the question I wanted addressed was “Is it worth the money?”.

It is durable, functional (pockets and compartments), highly rain resistant (must be treated regularly when used regularly for best results), for use in hot and cold environments, repairable and a garment that will last you many years and many miles. Nobody wants to think about a crash or wrecking, but their items are designed to lessen the impact to your body and allow you to stay safe (no road rash).

The most important part is to find a fit that works for you. The only problem is that what fits you now may not fit you in 5, 10 or 15 years… yes this item will last you a long time. Bits and pieces of the item will not last, the zipper slides will wear out, the reflective material will wear out and I am sure other parts of the jacket but the excellent thing is that it can all be repaired by the Aerostich facility or possibly your local tailor.

Comfortable fitted gear is priceless and these items are near that. They are ever improving their quality and tailoring of the garment. Just when you thought you liked it all, they make it better.

It is worth the money if you are a serious motorcycle riding enthusiast planning to put 30K miles on a bike and ride for 10 plus years.