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Aerostich Hot Weather Vegan Gloves

Aerostich Hot Weather Vegan Gloves

Product Review (submitted on November 11, 2011):
I have had these guys for about 2 yrs, I think? they don't seem especially cool or super good at flowing air or anything, but they are light and comfy all of the time, even when it's hot. I live in Northern Ca and I wear them almost all year, only when it gets really cold do I switch them out and only because I need to stop wind from going up my sleeve with gauntleted gloves. they are warm when it's a bit chilly and cool when it's a bit hot. def my fave gloves so far. (20 yrs. riding) yeah, the thumb frays up pretty bad after a bit, I think from friction with the edge of your jacket. the punk rock fix- a lighter. cook those little fuzzies down, good as new. and I dig the armored knuckles. handy for teaching lessons, and totally unnoticeable. some other ones have a huge chunk sticking up across the knucks, annoying and clunky. these are nice and form fitting, but will do damage to what they hit, not your hand, if road rage gets the best of you. try hitting the panel of the car that almost kills you instead of the face of the driver. either way, you'll barely feel it. and feel better. the nice solid, therapeutic whack from punching something doesn't have to be so painful anymore! thanks Aerostich.

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