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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on December 4, 2011):
I've had this suit for about 3 months now and am overall extremely pleased with it, and would 100% recommend it to anyone.

Quality is outstanding
Great protection from the elements
Good padding
Pocket engineering is great (folder over pokcet tops keep elements out and your stuff from fall out.
Easy to get on and off (with a little practice)
Neck collar can be fully closed with no discomfort (soft lining on the neck is great)
Able to run gerbing electric cables out of the side vent with no noticeable issues

Fit could be improved if the company offered half-sizes. They can make quite a few alterations, but if you fall between sizes you either have to adapt to a product that's a bit too big or a bit too small. In my case I needed the torso to be a bit taller and the width of the arms and legs to bit a bit wider, leaving the rest of the dimensions the same. This was not possible without going up to the next whole suit size which which just too big. As it is, I went with the smaller size and am mindful about not wearing bulky clothing.

Areas of Improvement
-I would like to see the side vents zip from top to down instead of the current way (down to up) I run the cables from my heated clothing out through the side vent (so I can plug them in to the bike) and with the zipper going from down to up, this means my cables are sort of held into place by the force of the zipper at the top of the vent. I'm afraid that across time this downward pressure on the zipper is going to cause it to unzip or weaken the zipper. If the zipper went from top to down, the cables would be resting at the bottom of the vent opening and would not be putting any pressure on the zipper.

-I would like to see velcro on the collar tabs so when you don't need the collar up (ie in warmer weather) you can velcro it "open" and not have it in the way. You can manually roll it back now but I have to do that every time I put on the suit (it seems to work its way back up again after taking off and putting on the suit)

- I would like to see a better way to tuck in the top zipper pull when the suit is completely zipped up. It's a little bit in the way when you try to pull the upper part of the suit across to the other side in order to engage the velcro and fully close the suit.

- There need to be vents in the leg area , preferably the lower leg area. With the knee pads in place, a lot of heat gets trapped into the legs and there's no air movement down there. This time of year (fall/early winter) this is a good thing. It wont be so good when the temps soar this summer.

- The higher end hips pads only come in one size - large, and for us smaller guys (I'm 5'5) these are way too tall. When on the bike, they poke into my ribs. Aerostitch doesn't offer any alternative here. This is not a problem with the suit, but does lessen your overall ability to get a whole suit-package (pads and all) from one vendor (Aerostitch)

- Would like some more velcro strips sewed into other areas of the suit. There are currently strips sewed onto the left leg (apparently for the map holder) and I LOVE these (I velcro on my temp-controller for my heated clothes here) but there are some other things I'd like to veclro on to the suit, if there were just a few more velcro strips here and there that would be great (suggest somewhere on the torso)

- All these improvements are minor and in no way would deter me from buying this suit again.

Riding experiences:

I live in NC and have not yet had the chance to ride in really hot temps (got the suit in fall) but have ridden it up to 85 with no problem. The vents work better than expected. I love that most of the vents can be opened whle sitting on the bike (don't have to take the suit off). Of course, this is not possible with the back vent.

The truth is that I like this suit so well I will probably just suffer through the hotter temps next summer. I don't really want to ride without it now. I would say it's an outstanding suit for at least 9 months of the year down here, and I'm hoping to make it work the other 3 months (July, Aug, Sep, when it's really hot)

Recently I took a trip to Michigan and back. I had little choice but to drive back through some pretty nasty weather. It was in the 30's, raining and super windy, for two days straight. The suit kept me dry (even in the crotch, even though some people say they have had moisture enter there) and with the wind stopping abilities of the suit, my inner heated gear was able to keep me toasty the whole way.

I wear this suit every time I'm on the bike and regularly to the gym (my bike is my main source of transportation unless the weather completely disallows it) and I have learned to fold the suit and two and put it into the bottom of a locker. No problems there.

I can't say enough good things about this suit and count it among the best money I have spent on gear.