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Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Product Review (submitted on December 5, 2011):
I ordered these boots in a size 10 because, well, that is my foot size. What I got were a European size 45 boots which were way too big for me.

I did some research on the web and came to the conclusion that size 45 equals about size 11.5 in the US. There is also another conversion chart on the box that the boots came in and that seems to be correct. The chart that is on the AS site is wrong.

If you want to get the correct size the first time, measure your foot in centimeters and convert that measurement to the EU size equivalent and you'll get the correct size. There are plenty of conversion charts on the web. A good source in on Wikipedia:

The folks at AS were nice enough to send me the correct size (as determined by me using the method mentioned above) boots and I returned the first set.

I have been wearing the boots daily now for a little over a week and the are finally breaking in. The boots are nice and look well made but only time and miles will tell.

The lace does tend to get caught on the Velcro and seems that it will eventually fray to the point where it will need to be replaced.

I plan on sealing these up with SnoSeal once they break in to make them totally waterproof. I have not had a chance to ride these boots in the rain, yet.