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Aerostich Ultralight Bike Covers

Aerostich Ultralight Bike Covers

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2011):
I bought this cover for the Aerostich name attached to it. Came home today and started walking into the apartment and noticed the cover on my bike was lopsided. Upon my inspection the cover was lifted on the right side exposing some motorcycle: the chain and swing arm, brake disc, and lower front fairing. I found the bungee string channel at the front tire was compromised. There are two holes on the left side. The bungee cord has come apart where the ends were joined together so that one side may slip through the tensioner. Finally, after taking the cover completely off the entire bike was compromised to water. I had high hopes for this product. The weather last night was rainy, but by no means bad. Going to check into the cheaper ones I overlooked in my search for a bike cover.

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