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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on December 8, 2011):
I have not had a Darien Jacket long; but, I bought a used one with many many miles on it. So, I can say that even after a long hard life the Darein Jacket will do what it is supposed to do.

First, it is really hard to find a Darien Jacket used. People who have them do not want to give them up. The only way I found a used one was to find a rider who wanted to switch to an Aerostich one piece Roadcrafter. So, after looking long and hard for a used one, I finally saw one on a web site - I think it lasted about 20 minutes.

My other jackets are all name brand and were purchased off the rack at the dealer where I bought my bike. They are adequate, work well enough and were all purchased new. A used, well worn and road weary Darien Jacket (and somewhat newer Dairen pants) out perform everything else I've ever worn on a bike. I bought a used jacket because:

1. I really don't like to spend money for something I'm not sure a really need or want.

2. Before I buy a new one I wanted to see how a really old one had held up after a long time on the road.

After a short time using the Darien gear - I will never go back.

When I first put the gear on I thought 'well OK, but what's the big deal'. Then I got on the bike. To understand how good the Aerostich stuff is you have to ride with it. Just trying it on is like trying to appreciate a Mercedes by sitting in it in the show room. That just will not do. You have to ride with it - and WOW, what a difference from the lesser stuff.

Also, for those who ride to an office, the Darien Jacket is long enough to put on over a sport coat or suit coat. And, is roomy enough for layering for cooler weather.

While I made sure that I was getting the best fit of other riding gear by going to a stocking dealer and trying on different sizes, and got some good sales help for proper fit, the Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants fit better, fit closer, and THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT are more comfortable on the bike than anything else I have or ever had.

If you have never had really good quality riding gear you just can not imagine what you are missing. If you have any money for motorcycling - buy the Aerostich gear first!! If you have to, finance the bike - but get the Aerositch gear. Don't waste money on the lesser stuff. I you use a bike for real transportation; or, if you go on longer rides, this is the stuff to get.

In the future, I will not even bother to shop for Jackets and Riding pants. This is the place. I do not have the time to fool around anymore.