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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on December 11, 2011):
Aerostich 2 Piece Tips 15+ years, 100K miles, wife picked Blk on Blk , white helmet on 85 K100RS BMW near Phila:
Wash & treat for water resistance more than once per decade; EZPass in short sock held high inside top of right zipped chest pocket with safety pins, credit cards for gas and whistle in lower portion; Waterproof Gzone Boulder cell phone in outer top velcro pocket, wallet goes in inside top pocket; bought smaller winter kneepads so slightly swollen bent knee doesn’t get constricted and sore during long rides.
I like small new Stich backpad, waist zipper lost some teeth, bought another waist zipper, zipped it to first one, sewed shut the side with missing teeth, use the other zipper and gained a little “height” like a cheap ellipse. At the end of a warm day, I do a dozen things to get suit ready for a cold sunrise start:
snug pant legs bottoms, zip waist pocket slots, close both sides of waist zipper, tighten kidney velcro straps, close pit zips, snug cuff velcro, during the day I loosen these as the day warms up. Prior to hard rain, Held Goretex gloves on, gauntlet inside sleeve with glove wrist strap snug and attached to the Stich sleeve Velcro underneath the suit’s wrist strap. This keeps gauntlet up inside sleeve. Comfortable from 25 to 80 deg. F in sun or 85 in shade. K bike likes Stich pants even when hotter to keep away heat. It fits with backpad in either rear “system case.” Electric Vest goes close to my body, optional fleece goes over vest. My kids call it my Darth Vader or Robocop suit. I think of it as insurance should I hit a deer and wear it a lot with the top at least partially zipped to the bottom. Glad it keeps on fitting me. Glad I bought it.

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