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Set of Boot, Helmet, and Glove Dogs

Set of Boot, Helmet, and Glove Dogs

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2011):
Rode through a tropical storm two days from this review's date. I was wet, and though a little cold, was still sweating bullets due to the humidity. Stopped for a few hours to eat and rest; when we were ready to get back on the road, my helmet was dry-ish and had none of the usually acrid smell from my sweat. When I got home, stuffed my soaked gloves with the glove dogs. They used to take upwards of two days(!) to dry; they were ready again in less than 24 hours. My Gore-Tex boots have always been a concern; I still haven't figured out how to clean their insides.

As I said, they all work as advertised. My main gripe is that the items I *did* get (with the exception of the glove dogs) aren't of the same size as those implied in the product pages. For example, the boot dogs look like they're supposed to fill most of the boot. Mine fits only the footbed of my boots. The helmet dog's product image makes it look like it should fill most of the helmet. Mine is maybe half the size.

I'd bet the helmet and boot dogs would be more effective if I had two of each. Or if the items I got were as big as those from the product pages.