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Set of Boot, Helmet, and Glove Dogs

Set of Boot, Helmet, and Glove Dogs

Product Review (submitted on December 20, 2011):
These dogs live up to their claims. Gloves that used to take upwards of two days(!) to dry (and never really completely dry inside) are ready in less than 24 hours. Helmets that tend to retain an acrid smell (due to sweat) even after completely drying now always smell freshly washed. Gore-Tex boots that are a pain to keep dry (so they don't end up being breeding grounds for fungus colonies) are now always ready and rarin' to go.

Now here comes the catch.

The items I received (with the exception of the glove dogs) are about half the size as show in the products' pages. The helmet dog looks like it fills up most of the helmet; it takes everything the one I own has to occupy even just where the back of my head ends up. The boot dogs are show to extend from the footbed to the top of the boot: mine go from the tip of the toes to *almost* the heel.

I'd bet the drying effect will be much enhanced if I had two helmet dogs and two pairs of boot dogs. Or if the dogs I got were the same size as those (apparently) used in the product pages' images.

TL;DR: Do they work? *Abso-frickin'-lutely*. I just wish they were a little bigger.