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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

AD1 Motorcycle Pants

Product Review (submitted on December 28, 2011):
It was a great leap of faith for me to order these over the Internet without ever seeing them live, and being able to overcome my fear of them not fitting, or not what I hoped they were going to be.

My first thought was: "Quality" They are everything I wished for as far as looks and a critical eye going over their construction.

The second thought was: "Boy, I sure do hope these things fit..." Living outside the US, they cost me over $422 dollars with S/H, Import Duty etc., to get them, and the hassle and expense of trying to make a return would be insult to injury, if I was forced to do so, despite Aerostich's best intentions.

Living outside of America, you take a real gamble with this kinda stuff that all the "free shipping" and "simply return for refund or exchange" ease, unfortunately doesn't apply to you.

My main two purchase considerations, were to have FULLY side seperating leg zippers, and a built in GoreTex membrane, no hideous removable liner. I have a 20 year old pair of still perfectly functioning GoreTex rain pants with fully seperating side zippers, that made me truly appreciate those specs. That they are not Motorcycle specific pants, is their only drawback. The AD1's are their wonderfully augmented upgrade for me.

My first and only two rides so far, have been in the pouring rain, and I was actually surprised that I didn't get wet though...

There is a very iffy gap between the front of my jacket bottom and the top of the pants. I think if I was riding my other bike, (more upright) I would have gotten a soaked midriff. If the waist was only an inch or two taller, I would give them 20 out of 10 stars. As it is, they kinda feel like how those "Low Rider" jeans look. I sure wish the waist was higher!

This will force me to make a purchase of a different, longer cut jacket, before my next ride on my touring bike.

The last curious thing, there is no flap or zipper over the top of the rear pocket. I can picture this thing filling up with water, eventually. If I have to put my wallet (or whatever) in a ziploc bag, what's the point? I see no benefit to having a pocket exposed to the elements on a pair of rain pants. (This is also why I chose the AD1's over the Dariens, front pockets with open tops? Ahroo?)

I am sure hoping that the low waist thing isn't these pants fatal flaw, and I can somehow work around it. Aside from that, I am still glad that I bought them. Thanks, Aerostich! :)