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Aerostich Kanetsu AIRVANTAGE Electric Vest

Aerostich Kanetsu AIRVANTAGE Electric Vest

Product Review (submitted on January 8, 2012):
I'm still dialing it in, but the Kanetsu vest is probably the best gear purchase I've made for cold weather. The quality is great- the stitching, cable management, and fabric are top notch. The power switch is easy to use with gloves, and its status light is so bright that I just look at the red glow on my handlebar to verify it's turned on.

I've run the gamut from roasting to freezing in my effort to figure out what works, and these are the configurations I've come up with for the best comfort, particularly since I don't have the temperature controller:

>60F: Any shirt as a base layer, vest powered off with bladder blown up under a riding jacket.
>50F: Long sleeves with the vest powered on over it, followed by my riding jacket
>40F: Long sleeves, vest powered on, sweater over the vest, then riding jacket. All-day comfort on a naked bike.
>25F: Same as 40F, but only for about 40 miles.

For you hard-core folks with real winters, it may be inadequate on an unfaired bike, but I used it on a rented Street Glide and I was completely fine in some really frigid weather.

Great product and I definitely recommend it.