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Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Product Review (submitted on January 15, 2012):
Once they're broken in, I think I'll like these better than my trusty full-on Combat Touring Boots (size 12). I've been looking at "lighter" boots off and on over the years, and have watched my riding buddy buy two or three different pairs from a certain Bavarian motorcycle company, just to sell them at the next swap meet.

The velcro top closures feel like they will last longer than those flappy, near useless horzontal tabs on my CBTs.

Whenever I'm not riding I wear super comfy Keen Newport sandals. Maybe they've let my feet grow a little over the years, but the size 12 Combat Lites I ordered were too tight. I paid shipping back to Aerostich, and they sent me a new pair of 12-1/2s. The guy on the phone told me that "size 12" is actually 11-7/8, and 12-1/2 is more like 12-5/8. OK. They fit great.

I dressed the bottom edges of the soles of my new boots with a rasp, to ever so slightly round the sharp edges on the soles. This was after almost dropping my K1200S on the right side because my new boot temporarily hung up on the right foot peg at the critical moment as I rolled to a stop at in intersection. A combination of things, but probably less of of a problem as I get these new beauties broken in once the riding season starts in earnest.

Oh yeah - the laces are too long. Maybe the quest for the ultimate laces is worth a new thread on