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Small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Product Review (submitted on January 18, 2012):
I haven't made any long trips yet, but I have plans to take the bag up to Yosemite for a week this summer. So far I've used it around town when running errands and grocery shopping. Last week I was able to fit $40 with of groceries into this bad boy. We're talkin meat, a baguette loaf (had to eat some to fit it in) all sorts of oddly shaped veggies, etc. Just a bunch or random stuff I needed. Expanded the sides and stuffed it all in there. I'm sure I could fit more if I was being more precise about packing but I wasn't concerned at the time.

Fit and finish is great and the MotoFizz slogan just cracks me up. "Turns on every rider" Being that it is a Japanese company, it was a bit disappointing when the label on the inside said "Made in China." Maybe I should have got a Wolfman bag???

I ride a Triumph Legend 900 with a Thruxton seat and this bag fits perfectly on the rear.