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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on January 31, 2012):
Another reviewer got it right by saying you have to use a Darien jacket for a while to appreciate how good these are.
I bought mine in 1997 when I was in living in the UK. Very dubious about spending a fairly large amount of money on an american mail order item that could possibly not fit or I would like. Needles to say I have on the whole not been disapointed. The front zip still works flawlessly, its still, mostly, waterproof and as wearable as ever. The lining covering the seams on the inside of the jacket is starting to come away but after 15 yrs you can't quibble.
These jackets are not perfect, the bright red colour has long faded, the little collar velcro strap still works but can flap in the wind making knocking noises on your helmet if not done up, very annoying. The right arm of the jacket from the elbow down is most deffinitely NOT windproof. Something left out at manufacture? The outside pockets leaked from new and the shoulder pads can restrict movement of your helmet when looking back for a turn, and isn't it due for a design update?

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