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Mini Fuse Block

Mini Fuse Block

Product Review (submitted on February 17, 2012):
-Uses mini fuses. Not sure why it's so difficult to find a mini fuse block. Most vehicles don't even use the standard or glass fuse types of most other fuse blocks on the market, so why is there still so many out there? A fuse is a fuse is a fuse.

-Why four separate power leads? Would be nice if it did away with the four male sliders, and did one common lead 4-10GA lead. Fused distribution block
-Blade connectors that stick out the side. With blade connectors and wires, it makes this block take up much more surface area than needed. Would have been nicer to have internal connections, even solderable. I soldered all my connections, but though about cutting the tabs off for a clean look.
-The cover is waterproof, but the block itself is not. Just a dustcover at that point, but maybe that's the point.

That said, worked in my application well, but it's function without form.