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Aerostich Tube & Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Aerostich Tube & Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Product Review (submitted on February 20, 2012):
I bought this kit after my two attempts with the plug type kit didn't work. This kit is nicely packaged but missing directions, unlike my plug kit. While it's easy enough to figure that you've got to insert the rope into the hole ... the instructions could answer questions like how best to apply the glue (if at all) and how long to let it set (if at all).

At first the rope/patch appeared to be holding pressure, but after just a few seconds I heard the glue pop (I had put some in the hole before the rope) and leaking started.

It was a drywall screw that punctured the tire to begin with, something I think is common, but maybe the hole created is just too big for these temporary fixes.